Monday, March 14, 2011

Two more nights in the hospital, but all is well. Ready for week #2

We were admitted into the PICU at Cornell very early Sunday morning (around 1AM), and we were moved across the street to MSKCC later on Sunday.  Most importantly, Ty is okay.  We were just worried about him on Saturday because he was sleeping all day.  I mean ALL DAY.  There have been times where we felt like we waited too long to bring him in, but this time we think we probably should have stayed home.  Regardless, it was good that we came to have him monitored and put our minds at ease.  Now we are just waiting for our escort to take us down for his radiation treatment and we expect to get discharged soon afterward.  Home in time for a late lunch and to give Gavin hugs before his nap :)

The doctors did perform a useless test on Ty yesterday that just made him miserable, but given his neurological symptoms (his eyes have been jumping around quite a bit), they wanted to be able to rule out seizures as a potential complication.  Lou and I never suspected seizures to be an issue, but Ty was a good sport about it and at least we can say that we know it isn't contributing to his current symptoms.  Here he is getting the monitor hooked up.  Poor guy.  He is such a sport.

I don't know exactly what the acronym for the test stands for, EEVG, but it has to do with monitoring his electronic activity of the brain while video taping him to watch for any small indications of seizures that could otherwise go undetected.  Here's a snapshot of Ty behind the monitor.  That is the simultaneous video in the bottom left corner. 

The first couple of weeks of radiation are the toughest, but I think the break over the weekend helped Ty to bounce back late Sunday.  He was smiling and speaking much better.  He was awake and playful which we haven't otherwise seen much of all week.  Lou and I really had a nice day at the hospital yesterday.  The three of us spent time watching movies, snuggling, reading books and doing anything we could think of to make him smile.  It was a nice, relaxing day.  It doesn't hurt that we scored a private from at Sloan - what a luxury!!

Thank you for always checking in on Ty.  He is doing good and tolerating the radiation therapy as good as can be expected.  We hope to report improvements in his symptoms over the next month or two.  In the meantime, trying to be patient is the hardest part!  XOXO from all the Campbell's.


  1. I'm so happy to hear that Ty was in good spirits on Sunday. He is such a beautiful child even with all the tubes attached. He'll look back one day on these times and remember all the moments you made special. I can't wait for further updates over the next two months. As always, I’m sending good thoughts and prayers from Canada.

  2. For a moment I became very worried reading the blog this morning. If it took my breath away I can only begin to imagine how you are feeling. I am hoping for Ty to have a good day and that the radiation will kick into gear this week. I am praying to hear “week two and the tumor has decreased massively”. I am still waiting for an address so I can send Ty something special :O) We have thought about him all weekend and at my fraternity meeting I have requested constant prayer for him. I will be reaching out every day to anyone I can to have them pray and keep him in peoples’ hearts and minds. I cannot explain why I feel so drawn to Ty but I care for him deeply!
    Give the sweet baby boy hugs from me and my family.
    Love ya!!! Mary E. King and the rest of the King family

  3. as always, praying for you all. these pictures break my heart, such a brave, tiny little man.

  4. So happy to hear that Ty is hanging in there! ever since I saw the article on AOL I have kept him in my prayers and thoughts everyday! As a mother of 2 small children (my youngest son is 3 my baby girl is 8) I can not begin to imagine what you and Lou are going thru.. You two are amazing I pray everyday that God continues to give you strength everyday! And sweet, beautiful Super Ty may God continue to be by his side and heal him completly. Blessings for baby Gavin too!

    Looking forward to many positive updates!

    Blessings and Love from New Jersey!

  5. You and your husband are amazing parents!!!
    Just wanted to remind you of that.

  6. He is so precious and looking great!

  7. So glad to hear he is doing well we were thinking of Ty all weekend. My daughter wants to make something special for Ty but she said she needs to know his favorite color. My five year old son heard Ty was not eating too much and thought a snowcone machine is what he and Gavin needed. If you do not mind sending me your address we would love to send you a package. My email is or

    In our prayers -- GO TEAM TY !!

    Brooke, Eric, Emily and Owen <3 : )

  8. Cindy yoou and Lou are amazing..........Ty is oging to pull through..........he is too his photos........God keeps you strong........remember if u or your husband needs anyting even lunch.... please im right across the street and will be happy to help you and oyur family... your an inspiration..........keep strong !

  9. I'm always thinking of you guys and little Ty. It's so good to hear that you had a nice day together. I hope you got home in time to give Gavin those hugs!! Stay strong -- you have lots of love and prayers and positive energy coming your way from CT.

  10. We will not let up on the prayers for Ty. The entire Campbell family is in our prayers. We know you wait anxiously for the day Ty comes running into your arms. Ty - know you are loved beyond words, keep smiling.

  11. God bless that little angel boy... What a trooper. And that goes for all of you!