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The Birth of Bodhi

photo credit: Catie McCabe Bodhi Ty Campbell October 18, 2016 8lbs, 9oz. 20 inches Bodhi (pronounced BO-dee).   A Sanskrit name meaning “Awakened” or “Enlightenment.”   The Buddhist concept for Bodhi is spiritual awakening and freedom from the cycle of life.   Bodhi is also the name of the sacred tree under which Buddha sat and obtained his enlightenment/nirvana.     We had trouble agreeing on a name for our baby boy for the longest time.   Then, after he was born, Bodhi just seemed to suit him perfectly.   Lou and I have been through our own spiritual enlightenment on so many levels, it just sounded right.   Everyone wants this story to be beautiful.   A light at the end of the tunnel.   The rainbow after the storm.   Sadly, the birth of Bodhi was much heavier than it was happy.   It was more painful than I ever imagined.   And it has taken me 2 months to share this truth openly and honestly. Physically, I was okay.   It is the emotional pain that has been so