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Gavin is growing up so fast.  I just got his class picture and I was really surprised at how much he's grown.  I guess I should just get used to this, it happens every year :) He continues to keep me laughing, even when he is most inappropriate.  The other day I put short ribs in the slow cooker so they would be ready when we all got home from school/work and when we walked into the house (obviously it smelled like dinner) Gavin said, "ewww!  Smells like FAWTS! (farts)  I am NOT eating THAT!"  Thank you, Gavin.  What a lovely response to my cooking, per usual. I could tell stories like that for days, but that is not why I am posting today :)  As promised, pasted below is the latest newsletter from the TLC Foundation with tons of information on our upcoming events.  Don't forget that today (Friday) is the LAST DAY to purchase Mess Fest tickets at the Early Bird rate - prices go up tomorrow. And for anyone on Long Island, remember tonight is the night that Califo

Hoping for a good night's sleep. Missing my Ty.

Insomnia has plagued me for days, and it has to stop tonight.  Already my anxiety is kicking in over trying to calm down enough to have a good night's sleep - what a vicious cycle. The other day we had a bunch of kids over to play with Gavin.  One inquisitive friend noticed some pictures of Ty and asked "does Gavin have a little brother?"  I have been completely and utterly floored by this question ever since.  It completely took me by surprise that Ty would be mistaken for the younger brother.  That simple question has triggered so many flashbacks of things I haven't remembered in a long time, and I can't seem to make them stop.  Really, really sad memories. I guess enough time has passed now that as Gavin keeps growing, the reality that Ty never will becomes more and more evident.  Gavin, my baby, is now my big boy.  And Ty, the watchful big brother, is now the younger brother because he doesn't get to grow any older than 5 years, 13 days. Oddly, I k