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Everything is bigger in Texas...

... including their hearts!  Back in December 2010, I received a gift in the mail from a stranger in Texas – a Superman Christmas ornament – and it marked the beginning of a great friendship that I will cherish forever.  Kathleen always knows what to say, she never hesitates to reach out to me, and she sends the all-time funniest cards and the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received.  I truly believe she is one of my many gifts from Ty. I am so grateful for her, and so proud that she is an integral part of the TLC Foundation, heading up our Dallas Chapter (you didn't know we had one, did you?).  Last week while we were setting up for her fundraiser, Ty sent a ladybug to show us he was there and he was proud. Childhood cancer is not contagious if you support the cause.  Getting involved won’t ruin your day or make you sad all the time.  It will empower you!  It will make you feel like you are driving change!!  Kathleen and her husband Rocky understand this.  They look at

"Happy Mother's Day" will never sound right as long as he's not here

The weather in New York has been beautiful this weekend.  Lou and his Dad spent a lot of time outside yesterday getting our yard ready for the summer, and I decided I wanted to BBQ for dinner.  I stopped into the supermarket while Gavin was at Karate practice and I walked the aisles remembering Ty and how much he loved going to the supermarket.  I took a quick spin down the candy aisle just for him, and I felt very, very heavy with sadness and longing.  My trip to the supermarket left me feeling very mopey for the rest of the day knowing Mother's Day was just hours away. At checkout I was taken by surprise when the woman said "Happy Mother's Day," as I was leaving.  "Thanks, you too," I replied, but I couldn't help but think it was an odd assumption.  I was alone, I wasn't buying anything that indicated I have children at home, and I was carrying the weight of my loss on the surface of my skin, making Mother's Day a difficult day to say the lea