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Lorraine - Our Heart of Gold

Lorraine Calebrese and Michael Divitto received the TLC "Heart of Gold" awards at the 2018 Kentucky Derby Gala, and they couldn't be more deserving.  Today is Lorraine's birthday, and I would like to share with you her touching speech for those who missed it. Happy Birthday, Lorraine.  You make the world a better place.  You ARE the change, and I couldn't admire you more. 6 years ago I started reading a blog on FB.... it was written by a mom I did not know regarding cancer and the horrific treatments her little boy was undergoing. I was so drawn in by the raw emotions that Cindy was able to express in her writings that I followed her to the end of Ty's short life.  Little did I know that my following her to the end would be a new beginning. I grieved the day Ty passed and vividly remember going to the candle-lighting at the bridge in Newburgh. For the first time I saw Cindy, Lou and Gavin in person. In such a time of sadness I marveled at their courage