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I dreamed of you. Finally.

It wasn't for long. It was a restless night, in general, with all sorts of thoughts swimming in my head that lead to all sorts of weird dreams.  At one point I remember saying to myself "dream of him... dream of Ty tonight..."  I do that all the time, though, and it never works. Last night, out of nowhere, I found myself outside on a warm sunny day, surrounded by friends and family.  I can't tell you who, I just know we were comfortable and enjoying the day together.  Someone came by and handed me Ty.  I wasn't surprised to see him.  Holding him was as natural as always.  He was the same 5 year old boy, but he wasn't in pain.  He didn't walk, he didn't hold his head up strong, but he was still sitting up in my arms and talking to everyone around him in his sweet voice.  He was wearing red pants and a white tee shirt.  His arms were still skinny but his grip was stronger - he was doing well.  All I could say to him is... "you see?  You ARE gettin