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Grief. It creeps up on me.

My grief.  It can come out of nowhere at all.  Really.  There doesn’t have to be a trigger.  There doesn’t have to be an anniversary, or a birthday, a special time of year or a certain smell in the air.  Sometimes, it just happens.  I found this incomplete blog post as I was trying to organize the files on my laptop this morning.  This is one among many.  I still write to help myself, but I don’t always post what I write anymore.  I worry that it is often so sad - because that is when I need to write - so I try to be cognizant of that.  But when I got to the end of this one, it made me proud, and I want to share…  August 2015: Tonight I want to Daryl’s House for the first time.  For those of you who don’t know, Daryl’s House is a venue that opened up in Pawling just about a year ago, and it is a great place for enjoying dinner with incredible live music.  Daryl Hall started “Live from Daryl’s House” – a free monthly web show – in 2007, and he created this venue to give his f