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Why We ALWAYS Jump in Muddy Puddles

These are just a tiny fraction of a tiny fraction of the children stricken with cancer who have touched our lives.  Some are survivors, some are currently fighting (and winning!), but most of the children represented here are angels.  Gone too soon.  Never to enjoy the simple pleasures of jumping in muddy puddles and getting messy with finger paint and glitter.  They are the reason why we work so hard to make the Mess Fest so special.  They are the inspiration behind the Muddy Puddles Project - Celebrating kids being kids, in honor of those that can't. The schedule of activities is truly outrageous (see below).  You will NOT be disappointed!  For those who were able to join us last year, we will have everything you loved, with extended access (no long lines) and so much more.  Everything but food is included with admission, and we hope to see you there.  PLEASE purchase your tickets in advance so we can quickly and effectively shuttle everyone in (there is no on-site parking)

I promise you, there is something so much more than this...

... And, I am certain it is beautiful.  For those of you that are desperately missing your parent, your child, your loved one; experiencing a wave of grief and despair; I hope this message finds you today. And when I find myself in a place of doubt like I have been for weeks – I hope I can come back here to this place of absolute conviction that I will see my son again. It has been 21 months since Ty died.  After his loss, I received so many undeniable signs from him.  The ladybug above my head in Vermont in the middle of winter - the one that magically appeared one minute after I shared my ladybug stories with a new friend - was not a coincidence.  I remember at the time I wasn’t even surprised because I was so used to getting such beautiful signs from my special boy. At the 2013 Mess Fest, there were ladybugs EVERYWHERE!  Hundreds of them!  They were landing in our hair all day.  Again, this was not a coincidence.  The picture my sister took at the Mess Fest that had an enormo

Here's to Mely and Making New Friends!

Every night during prayers, we ask Gavin to tell Ty something about his day.  After the fireworks this weekend (which absolutely TERRIFIED Gavin) he said “Ty, don’t ever go to watch fireworks in heaven.  Because they are sooo scary and you might die.  I mean, die again.  And then you would have to go to Chinese Heaven!  Or, heaven in China.”  Ty and his friend at the parade in Long Beach 2009 If there is one thing I am most grateful for since my son’s cancer diagnosis (aside from the time I had with my son), it is the people who have entered my life and fallen in love with Ty and our family as a result of following through his journey.  Strangers who have become lifelong friends and family.  Kristi, Kathleen, Donna, Mellissa, Tonya, Diana, Audra, Kristine, Ali, Jennifer, Dana, Susan, and many more – not to mention those from email and Facebook that I have yet to meet in person but with whom I feel I’ve shared a lifetime.  I believe every person who I have connected with so d