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A glimpse into Lou's life

Before I share Lou's speech, I wanted to share Foundation news.  We are so incredibly proud to introduce Emily Peachey as a new ambassador for the TLC Foundation. Emily stars in the upcoming film The Fault in Our Stars - alongside Shailene Woody, William DeFoe and Laura Dern (based on the NYT bestseller by John Green).  For those of you who haven't read the book yet, it is a story about young love and the reality of childhood cancer.  It is a beautiful and heartbreaking story, and of course it touched Emily deeply since working on the film.  She worked with several cancer patients on-set and was driven to do something!  Many young, up and coming celebrities wouldn't be so caring and selfless, and I find her actions to be so very admirable. We are truly humbled and honored to have her support :) Together we will raise awareness for childhood cancer and make a difference for these kids! The past two weeks have been spent trying to juggle event planning in between all o

World Cancer Day

Cancer is the second leading cause of death around the world, just behind heart disease.   One in four people die of cancer.   Sadly, I doubt there is a person reading this post that has avoided being touched by cancer in one way, shape, or form.    So, I’m not sure we need a dedicated day to remind people about the tragedy that is “cancer” but I do believe that having this day is actually more empowering than it is depressing.   We are not alone.   This is a worldwide problem that isn’t going away.   We stand united, and as tragic as it may be to watch our newsfeeds fill with Placards and ribbons, it is also inspiring.   Awesome, actually.  E ach and every one of the fighters – big and small – show strength and courage, and the network of support from the world around them is as humbling as it is beautiful.   Ty is not the first person I love to die from cancer, and he won’t be the last.   That is such an impossible and hopeless statement to write.   It is not like me to sound s