Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So tired

Wow.  Commuting to the city for daily radiation is exhausting.  Not so much for Ty who sleeps there and back and then again on the couch after we get home (due to the after effects of his daily anesthesia), but I am totally pooped.  We have to get up very, very early because all of the babies get radiation first, which means the appointments are around 7AM every day.  We have a pretty long drive and I feel very drained.  I have a feeling, though, that this is going to fly by.  I am so, so  anxious for him to get off steroids and begin feeling better.  I keep thinking "just a few more weeks!"  I think I might be more anxious now than I was when I was waiting for his due date (but I'm not sure because that was pretty damn exciting).

So many special things happened today, but I don't have the energy to share this evening.  I know you understand and I will be sure to share more tomorrow :)  Thank you so much for always checking in on my Ty and for caring so much. 

Here is a photo I took this morning while we were waiting to see his doctors.  I know I say this all the time... but look at those dreamy eyelashes! 


  1. I know you are told all the time to keep hanging in there...but hang in there. You are an amazing mom and with you behind Ty all the bad things are in for one heck of a fight. I prayed throughout Ash Wednesday mass for you to have the strength to keep going and for Ty to keep up the fight. Your little boy is beyond precious.

  2. I can't begin to imagine what you are going through...but I do know how difficult it is to drive to MSKCC for treatments, fight traffic, when it's so exhausting. Has anyone suggested trying to get in to Ronald McDonald House just while the daily radiation treatments are going on? I think it's over on E 73rd and from what I remember, can only be requested through social work @ MSKCC. I know there is no place like home, but it's just a thought. Your amazing family and your beautiful sons are in our thoughts every day. Ty is a fighter!

  3. Praying for your family, always.

    Joy Marielle
    Baltimore, MD

  4. We are praying for you Ty, we always are. Rest well tonight sweet baby tomorrow is a new day.


    This is the link for the Ronald McDonald House, it is $35 dollars a night.

    Thinking of you all, stay strong !!

    Spring is in the air!! YAY!!

  6. Just sending you warm wishes and strength.

  7. Those eyelashes are truly awesome. Sending prayers your way!

  8. Please send me a PO box I want to send sweet baby Ty a care package. He is sooooo loved.

    Stay strong,
    Mary King, and the rest of the King family

  9. I have been following your story since AOL had the parentsdish article on their news feed. Your blog is in my favorites, and I check in on Ty every night as soon as my little ones are in bed. I have a son, Nathan, who is one month younger than Ty, so it all sort of hits home... tears flow at every new blog (That's what I do... I cry...happy or sad). Ty is a beautiful, strong, and incredible little boy. You as a mom are truely an inspiration to me. I think of you and your family mutiple times everyday and I pray that you have continued strength, patience, and positive outlook. I think about you when I am totally wiped out at the end of the day from working and being a single mom of 2 kids under 3...I stop and I have a reality check and I count my blessings. YOur faith and endurance are such an inspiration. I will continue to pray for you guys! You, Ty and your family are often on my mind and always in my heart. ((Hugs from Arkansas))

  10. Greetings from IL -

    Thinking of you all and continuing to follow Ty's fight through your amazing blog. Thanks again for taking the time to share this very personal journey. Love and prayers from my family to yours


  11. He's dreamy with those eyes, you poor pooped thing. Try and get some good sleep as a priority. I can't stand knowing how tired you are. I would be the worst cancer mom ever. We'd miss the radiation treatments. Oops! Mommy overslept again : /

  12. first of all I want to say Ty is one of the most beautiful little boys i have ever seen.
    I've been fallowing his story since reading about him on AOL. Every day i hope to come to his page and read "he's's gone!"
    even though I don't know him personally I am sending my love and prayers his way.

  13. I work for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and I check your blog every single day. Reading about Ty’s wish was so magical to me. It's what I get to create on a daily basis for children. I pray for Ty all the time. His story is inspiring and his battle is so courageous for someone his age. Keep fighting and be strong. Ty has so much love and some very wonderful parents. Thank you so much for sharing your story and know there are so many people thinking of him. Those eyelashes are something….. 

  14. His eyelashes are dreamy. He's so sweet and innocent. Praying for him everyday. Hugs and kisses :)
    The McCarthy's

  15. Thinking of Ty many times of every day. Super Ty, Super Mom and your family have truly touched me and my family. I wake up each morning thinking to see any news of Ty, you and the family. I pray for Super Ty and your family each morning and all nights.
    I want to send something to you and to Ty but I don't know how to get your address or e-mail.
    God bless from PUERTO RICO

  16. Hello,
    I was introduced to Ty and your family's blog last night via a co-worker, as we work the grave yard shift here at a hospital in Manhattan. As she was discussing the story, I thought of the world renowned
    Pediatric Surgeon;
    Dr. Benjamin Carson and his awesome Pediatric Neurology Team over at John's Hopkins University in Maryland. Please look into that possibility, remember God is an awesome and on time God :]