Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ty the Trooper

Ty seems to have frequent mood swings lately, and when he swings downward he is very hard to please.  One thing he does very often is he whines and moans about being hungry, but he won't eat anything we offer him.  Nothing.  I even take him to the supermarket to pick out anything he wants and he still just cries and doesn't want to eat a thing.  I worry that maybe he is suffering from a metallic taste in his mouth or something, we were told that can happen.

We started giving him his daily injections under the skin in his arm.  He hates it, of course, but for a three year old he is so awesome about it!  I can't believe how strong he is through all of this.  He takes his meds like such a trooper, and he still gives us super huge smiles all day long and the best hugs around the neck in the world. 

Tomorrow he wants to fly a kite at the beach again.  I hope he is feeling up to it.  The outdoors is good for him and I hope we can enjoy the outdoors as much as possible before it gets too cold outside.  I feel bad that Ty will be in therapy during cold and flu season because we are going to have to keep him indoors for the most part and that can make anyone a little crazy.  I'll have to come up with lots of fun crafts and new games to keep him busy :)

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