Sunday, October 3, 2010

A totally ordinary day

Cheerios and goldfish all over the floor.  Piles of laundry. Ty and Gavin fighting over a baby toy that neither of them ever showed any interest in before, and never will again.  Potato chips and upside down sippy cups shoved in between the couch cushions.  Max and Ruby DVD on replay.  Ty telling me he has to go potty after he shows me the puddle on our carpet.  Yup!  A totally normal day at the Campbell house.  And for that, we are grateful (and completely frazzled, but that's nothing new). 

The only news to report is that Ty's recent PET and CT scans didn't show any changes to the residual disease at the base of his skull, and there doesn't appear to be any additional disease anywhere, thank God.  We are very eager to begin treatment on Tuesday and start kicking butt. 


  1. Hey Cindy, I am not sure if you remember me from college but I am good friends with Cara O'Sullivan (McCaffrey) and we hung out a few times through our circles of friends. I am married to Jason Fusco, who you may also remember from college.
    Anyway, Cara was telling me all about your battle and I wanted to let you know that I am an NP at MSKCC. If you need anything, just let me know. They can page me from anywhere in the hospital at 4114. I am here three days a week and will do anything you need! Also, just if you need a quiet place away from it all, my office is pretty chill. I work on M5 just a few floors down from 9.
    Finally, I just wanted to say that this really sucks for you and your family to be dealing with this. Cancer sucks. It has no friends and can tear people apart. You have done an amazing job as a mom and I am not even sure with all my knowledge and experience I could be doing as wonderful a job as you have done. You and your husband have really worked together and from someonne who knows this disease, team work is so important. You should take a moment today before the chemo starts and be proud of yourself. You have found a way to push through this horrible experience and managed to keep some sense of normalcy in an experience that is so far from normal.
    I will keep you in my prayers, but more importantly I will talk to some of the peds NPs on 9 and tell them to give Ty some extra TLC! (From the pics of him, I am sure they would be doing that anyway- he is so cute!!!).
    Have them page me or E mail if you need anything:
    Keep up the fight! Hugs and Kisses fix a lot of the little things.
    Erin Fusco

  2. Thanks Erin Fusco for your support!! That is so great of you. Friends in high places at SK! And yes it is impossible to resist Ty's cuteness. Diagnosis: terminal, refractory cuteness.

  3. Erin, thank you so much. Of course I remember you!! I appreciate your note, and will definitely reach out when we are there. Thanks again.