Thursday, October 7, 2010

A rough night followed by a peaceful day

Last night I wanted to scream outload and curse the world. Ty's headaches have started up again out of nowhere and he was up all night in severe pain.  I felt so useless. He would look at me like "Do something, Mommy! It hurts SO BAD!" and there's nothing I could do to comfort him. He's three years old, I still can't believe how many poor little children suffer from this disease.  Cancer is pure evil and right now I am happy we are being so aggressive with Ty's treatment.  I wish cancer had feelings so it could writhe in pain, thrashing and crying while the chemo shows no mercy.  I hate this disgusting disease. 

Luckily I saved my venting session for today.  If I posted on this blog last night it would have been filled with many more capital letters, exclamation points and expletives :) 

Lou and I are very happy with this hospital, they are taking such good care of Ty here.  Although it was postponed until later in the morning, his surgery was a great success.  He had a double-lumen mediport placed, and they did it so quickly my phone was ringing to come back to the hospital just as the waiter brought us our lunch.  Eat and run indeed! 

Chemo started at 4PM and so far he has been okay.  The first doses will finish infusing around midnight tonight, then he starts again tomorrow around 1PM.  The nurses prepared me for the fact that he may get very nauseous and sick overnight, but my fingers are crossed that he continues to tolerate it well. 

We had fun in the toy room tonight, he has been in a great mood and he's hamming it up for all of the nureses.  I caught him whispering to a toy ring that lights up, he must have found it on one of the shelves.  I leaned in to hear him and he was saying... "no more cancer, no more hospital," then he took took a deep breath and pretended to blow it out. 

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  1. Hey Doc,
    Had no idea until today-
    My thoughts & prayers are with Ty & all of you

    Keep the faith!!

    Charlie Gamper