Monday, October 18, 2010

A ray of hope

Ty is still having trouble speaking and he has been experiencing severe headaches since yesterday, but he is showing some improvement and the doctors expect that to continue.  He is on a morphine drip, which has made a huge difference and he is sleeping so well now as a result.  He spent the entire day in bed with the shades drawn, and it is starting to feel like a repeat of our last hospital stay when he had meningitis and suffered day after day.  I just pray that his suffering won't last nearly as long this time around, and the doctors delivered some news today that gives me tremendous hope that I am holding onto with every bone in my body.

The radiology team delivered a full report on the results of the MRI, and they determined that some of what appears to be tumor growth might be attributed to bleeding that has accumulated at the tumor site instead.  So, they feel that blood (as opposed to cancerous tissue) may be building up in the mass and causing growth/pressure, and that blood would be indicative of tumor destruction rather than tumor growth. I can't even describe how I felt when I heard the word DESTRUCTION.  It also felt amazing to hear that the pressence of blood may be a sign that the tumor is dying.  It was music to my ears. 

While I am so grateful for this new found hope, I am not yet relieved.  Yes, I am breathing a bit easier today, but I have yet to let out a real sigh.  That will come when Ty shows clinical signs of improvement.  Right now the pressure from the cranial bleed is causing the poor baby so much pain and nausea and it hurts Lou and I a thousand times more to see him like this.  It should be our pain, not his. 

His speech may be comprimised by the tumor, but his cuteness sure isn't :)  Enjoy!


  1. We love him so much!!! Keep the positive around you!!!!! Lets all Pray for that tumor to die!!!! In Jesus name. Amen xoxoxoxoxox Miricles happen everyday!!!!!

  2. We love you Ty!!!!! We can't wait till you are ALL BETTER! Love, Charlie, Rachel, CJ, Johnny, and Luke

  3. Oh Cindy I'm so glad to hear this potentially good news from the radiologist. Tomorrow I bet Ty will be feeling better, too. That's my remote radiological assessment. Grab onto the hope. All of the fighting off and destruction of the tumor is already underway. Hang on.

  4. Ty is the cutest little boy i have ever seen! Very happy to hear this news after the previous blog posting!

  5. What a wonderful word - Destruction - I will hold a hopeful breath with you. Prayers and love to you all,

  6. I remember a quote many years ago by an elderly German pediatric hematologist/oncologist who responded to a question of how to deal with the clinical complications of rapid destruction of a tumor with a new class of chemotherapy agents by saying that "tumor lysis syndrome is a luxury we have now with truly active antitumor compounds, treat with prednisone and adequate hydration and say a thankful prayer to the heavens".