Saturday, October 2, 2010

A great day

Last night was a much needed birthday celebration among my closest friends. Lou set it up so that Caryn, Dawn and James, Keri and Mike all surprised me at the restaurant.  I never would have planned that for myself because I would have been too hesitant to leave Ty like that, but it was the perfect way to bring me back to a more positive state of mind at a time when I was starting to feel kinda down.  We went out to dinner and I had such a great time.  Mr. Martini?... why hello, old friend!  Wine with dinner?... Yes, please! 

Ty had a wonderful birthday celebration.  It's very convenient that there was a parade in Long Beach.  He thought it was all for him :)  It helped even more when there was a bake sale for childhood cancer and they had a big, adorable picture of Ty on display.  He was so thrilled when he saw that.  Thanks to all of this supporters in Long Beach.  It was so nice to see our friends and neighbors, it's been too long!

His birthday party at Grandma's house was so much fun.  All of his cousins were there and he loved seeing them.  We decorated pumpkins…

We destroyed the "Dora the Explorer" piƱata… (as an parent that is subjected to Nick Jr all day/all night, there's something especially gratifying about this photo).
We had Max and Ruby cake, as promised…
And, we saw SpiderMan (aka, cousin Richie - Ty was totally duped!). 
It was a great day for a great kid and he got some awesome presents.  His Harley Davidson scooter and Lightening McQueen car kinda scared Ty, though, so baby GaGa was more than happy to take them for a spin around town instead.
Thanks again to everyone who is following Ty on his fight for a cure.  We are so grateful for all of your prayers and positive energy. 

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  1. Good times! NIce going by Lou to set up your b-day dinner!

    I'm ready for the fight. Bring on the chemo. Let's do this. Let's fight and win.