Saturday, October 30, 2010

A fun day at the hospital, followed by a great day at home

We returned to the hospital yesterday for a morning appointment at the day clinic.  It was a simple visit, Ty had to have bloodwork done and the needles in his mediport changed (they need to be changed once a week).  The needle change is the worst, Ty's face is soo sad when it comes time for that and he cries like crazy, but it's fairly quick so at least he calms down soon after.  I just feel bad because now every few hours he furrows his brow and asks..."mommy, they gonna change my needle?" and I tell him "no. not today, not until next week," but he doesn't understand the concept of next week so he asks me again a few hours later.  He is scared, and I don't blame him, but aside from the needles he is so brave and really very accustomed to everything.  He never even complains when the nurses take his weight or his vitals (in fact, he helps them by sticking out his arm for blood pressure before they even ask, and putting his finger out for the heartrate, things like that).

It was the cutest day at the hospital yesterday, I was so happy we were there on the Friday before Halloween.  Each and every staffer -- the nurses, the receptionists, the doctors and the surgeons, were dressed in costume.  They also had seven wardrobe racks filled with donated costumes so every kid could dress up, and they decorated the entire floor.  It was adorable.  When we first checked in there was a magician performing for all the kids.  Then, there were special Halloween arts and crafts followed by a huge trick-or-treat parade through the hospital (Ty and Gavin got soo much LOOT!).  It was fun.  Ty was tired and a bit apprehensive so he wasn't as excited as he might have been under different circumstances, but it still made it much easier to be there.   

Ty seemed to really understand the difference between the day hospital and when we are admitted as inpatient, so we decided to explore the option of treating Ty's chemo outpatient next week instead of staying overnight Monday and Tuesday.  The doctors at Sloan are so kind and understanding.  They agreed that if it is better for Ty mentally, then we should try the outpatient approach for this round and see how it goes.  Seeing what a difference it makes for Ty to be home, Lou and I are excited about this option and we are now scheduled to start chemo on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week (but we will go home each night).  Yes, it's gonna be an exhausting routine for a few days, but everyone knows nothing feels better than being in your own bed -- especially when you're not feeling well. 

Today we had a really relaxing day at home, and Ty is getting back to his old self.  When I see him looking and feeling so much better with each passing day, it's hard to believe that he has such a terrible sickness inside.  It's just not fair that we have to start this all over again, to make him so sick again.  This simply has to work. 

Aunt Dawn stopped by this afternoon and we all went to Party City to buy a new costume for baby GaGa.  Ty has a Spiderman costume and Gavin has a Superman costume, but Ty has made it VERY clear that he wants Gavin to be dressed like Spiderman, too.  We tried, but there weren't any Spiderman costumes left!  Ty is not taking no for an answer either, so it should be interesting tomorrow when we get them dressed up to go trick-or-treating.  I predict Ty will have a bit of a tantrum when he realized that GaGa isn't dressed like Spiderman per his request. 

This evening Lou and I were able to relax with our friends Grace and Rossano.  It's always so great when we can get together with friends the few times we have the opportunity, so thank you guys for coming down and giving us a couple of hours of normal, everyday conversation :)

Happy Halloween!  I promise to post pictures tomorrow. 
XOXOXO, with love from Ty

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  1. So cute he wanted his brother to ALSO be spiderman!

    Everything is going good. I'm sorry you have to take him back in for chemo when he is getting strong. Just hang in. It's crushing the cancer and you have already seen his body bounce back. All this will be over one day and we won't believe it! We will look back in disbelief and gratitude for being the lucky ones. I know it.