Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall fun in Long Beach

Ty had a decent night last night, and he was feeling good today.  He kept saying it was a beautiful day outside, so we decided to take him to the fall festival here in Long Beach, he has loved this event since he was one year old.  He was so excited.

Armed with lots of hand sanitizer, we stopped by to meet up with his girlfriend Eva and her brother Theo and off we went.  Ty was able to ride on the Carousel, pick some pumpkins and he got special treatment when he rode on the fire truck - they let him sit right up front!!  He was thrilled. 

Unfortunately, all that fun really wiped him out.  He fell fast asleep when we got home.  He ended up running a fever and sleeping for over 3 hours.  No worries, his fever broke and now he feels as good as new, he is on his second bowl of noodles for dinner :)  We knew this would be the last time we would be able to do something like this with Ty for a long time, so we are happy we had the chance to make these memories.  Tomorrow we pick up GaGa from Grandma's after our appointment at MSKCC, and we can't wait to be home with both boys.  Ty misses his brother.

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