Saturday, October 9, 2010

Everybody loves Ty

We just walked in the door, home sweet home again.  Ty did so well in the hospital, he was relatively happy and in good spirits the majority of the time.  In fact, he really hammed it up with the doctors, the nurses and the other families on the floor.  This just shows that he is getting used to everything, and in a better state of mind for the long road ahead.  All good things.  And, of course, flashing that adorable smile left and right has awarded him lots and lots of pampering and special attention from the hospital staff.  He's a smart kid and he's learning the ropes on many levels :)

He spoke a lot about his brother this time around.  He would point out presents from the nursing staff that he wanted to put aside for "GaGa" and there was a of painting of an airplane on the hospital wall that he picked out to hang in Gavin's room at home (Gavin loves airplanes).  It was very sweet.  It amazes me to think that Ty was 18 months old when he was born -- he seemed like such a big boy at the time.  Gavin will be 18 months in a couple of weeks, and he is still my tiny little baby! 

Speaking of tiny little babies, Ty shared a room with a 5-week old, Elijah, from Fargo, North Dakoda.  Elijah was born with a tumor behind his eye, but he is responding really well to his treatment (thank God) and his parent's were such great people.  I hate that there are so many other families going through this, but they also give us lots of hope and inspiration. 

We are a little overwhelmed by the amount of medication we came home with.  Ty has a 24 hour feed of IV fluids that he can carry in a backpack, his IV antibiotics, anti-nausea meds, a daily injection that we have to give under the skin, all on top of his belly tube feeds with nutritionally sound formula, digestive aids and Tylenol as needed.  He is also on a highly restrictive diet (luckily he was such a picky eater to begin with, he won't miss too much).  It's a lot, but we don't mind doing it on our own if it means we can be home.  We are just happy to be back.  As for next steps, we have an appointment at the hospital on Monday and again on Thursday.  That's as much as we know because we can only take it one day at a time.

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