Saturday, October 23, 2010

A breakthrough day!

Ty went the entire day without pushing the button on his morphine.  We lowered the doses on his pain medications, and he spent the majority of the day awake and active!  We are so excited. 

Although we won't know until Tuesday's MRI, we believe this is a strong indication that the pressure he was feeling was related to intracranial bleeding that is now being slowly reabsorbed (aka tumor destruction) as opposed to tumor growth/progression.  I can feel this to be true straight through my bones.  We are all going to sleep well tonight. 

The last time Ty had a major breakthrough when we were in Cohen's Children's Hospital, our good friends Stan and Beth were there to witness him standing and walking for the first time in weeks.  Tonight, Stan and Beth were here again, and they gladly helped us "kick back" a bit by providing dinner and Coronas.  We are having a mini-celebration here in our hospital room, and having dreams of going home after a good MRI on Tuesday.

Grandma and Pop-Pop also visited today, and they came armed with several new toys.  The only problem with that is... now Ty keeps telling me to call Grandma and tell her he wants more toys.  When I ask him to tell me which toys he wants, he answers "EVERYTHING".  Oh, brother... what have we created :)

And, my favorite moment of all today came when Lou asked Ty for a kiss goodnight.  Ty has been so sick, he has been wiping off our kisses for days, but this evening he lifted his arms and pulled Daddy in close for a big huge hug and kiss.  I am so blessed and lucky to have the best boys in the world in my life.


  1. Ahhhh, thank goodness, that is such great news:) We miss u guys. X Rudy and lynda

  2. What an excellent post!