Monday, May 2, 2011


I had a detailed post written and ready to post, and then I saw the news this morning…  It seems silly to share all the smaller trials and tribulations from an otherwise average weekend amongst such incredible news, so here's just a brief update.  Ty had a good weekend.  Despite only a few episodes of nausea, Ty is really getting back to himself lately.  He wants to play all the time.  He interacts with his shows on TV and lately he started singing again, which might be the cutest thing ever.  On Friday night, one of my best friends drove a couple of hours to spend the night and help out, even while she is pregnant with twins.  As much as I love the help, I love the company from my friends even more.  I forget how desperately I need that!  Then on Saturday, another one of my best friends came out and did the same thing for me.  Thank you, Lou, for taking the kids out with you for the day.  That time sunning out back with Christina and talking about love and loss and 9/11 helped me so much (we spent that entire day together on September 11th/when she lost her incredible brother).  Finally, on Sunday, we were visited by two of Ty and Gavin's absolute favorite people, our precious "Sissy" and Colleen.  While I was still working, Sissy was caregiver for Ty and Gavin since they were babies.  When Ty got sick, her daughter, Colleen, took Gavin under her wing and helped us so, so much by loving him and having fun with him when we had to give 100% to Ty.  We love you guys!  Finally, Sunday night was spent at Nana and Poppa's house for a big, fun dinner.  What amazing news to close out a great weekend. 

Looking back, it's so strange that Christina and I spent so much time reflecting on September 11th just hours before history was made. 

A moment to reflect
It feels like yesterday that I watched from the rooftop of my apartment building on 24th Street, a cloud of smoke from two beloved buildings.
It feels like yesterday walking out into the sunshine on that beautiful morning and feeling something evil and terrible in the air.  I could see straight down 5th Avenue the entire way, and the devil was emerging right there in my backyard.
It feels like yesterday that I walked to the office because I simply didn't know what else I should do and I needed to connect with my friends and loved ones. 
It feels like yesterday that I gathered with my friends after the buildings fell down, sharing the shock and the horror.  We dodged the crowds flocking uptown as we walked downtown instead, with no idea where else to go but my apartment.
It feels like yesterday that I left everyone in the shelter of my apartment to travel further with my Christina in search of her brother, Andrew. 
I can still feel the eternity that we spent waiting for him at his firehouse.  Engine 24, Ladder 5.  No word all day.  Nothing well into the night.  Back at my apartment did we even sleep?  No word into the next morning. 
It feels like yesterday when we waited at line at the hospital to check the lists for names of people brought in, expecting pages upon pages, and finding only one short sheet.  As I turned around to leave, I spotted my co-worker waiting in that same line.  No words spoken, just a knowing nod.
It feels like yesterday that every single car in the street, every pole, every window in every building for blocks upon blocks upon blocks by my apartment were covered with missing persons' signs. 

Yesterday, finally, a small justice was served.  Yesterday, some relief was shed. 


  1. Although the news of Bin Laden is amazing, hearing that Ty is doing so well is also amazing. Like so many others, I do not know you but have been reading your blog since my friend told me about Ty back in December. I can't tell you how many times I have cried. My youngest is the same age as Ty and I can't even imagine what you are going through. You are an incredible family. I am so glad that so many prayers are being answered and Ty is getting back to himself. I will continue to pray for a full recovery. God bless you all and God bless America!

  2. Great post and tribute to 9/11....AND..... WONDERFUL news that Ty had a great weekend. I can't tell you how happy I was to read that. Awwww, when you said Ty is beginning to sing again, just melted my heart! I can hear his little voice now!! :)

    I am so glad you had a good weekend w/ friends and alittle bit of calm and relaxation. It is well deserved!!

    Hoping for a great week of fun for y'all,

  3. It's so amazing that Ty is doing so well. Really! Keep the good news coming.

  4. Such a great post! So happy to hear Ty had a wonderful weekend...hoping for many, many more great days!

  5. So happy to hear Ty is doing well!

    What a nice post about 9/11. I lost my first cousin Don (who was like a brother) on that horrible day - he worked for Cantor. When my husband woke me Sunday night I had mixed emotions, we would never get back what we lost but it was nice to know my family could now sleep a little easier knowing that my cousins killer was finally brought to justice.

    I pray that one day justice is served to cancer - Ty will beat it and it will be gone - there has to be cures out there and in finding them maybe families who lost some one to that horrible killer will find some sort of justice too.

  6. Life is crazy how things align. Great post! We are so happy to hear things are getting better for all of you! Keep up the great news!

    Love and prayers,

    Brooke, Eric, Emily and Owen : 0 )

  7. The only negative thing about this being your that it lacks a tribute to a true pillar of strength - YOU. You are a truly remarkable person .... And I am sure that Ty's immense strength and capacity to love are genetically given. You have always been admired by friends and colleagues... What we didn't know is just how much of an inspiration you really are. Keep on fighting the good and "super Ty"


  8. so happy to hear that Ty is doing better. I love that he's singing and playing just like he should be!!! He deserves it!!! Keep up all the great work---hugs from Charlotte,Nc.

  9. Such beautiful words all around, Cindy. You continue to amaze. Lots of love.