Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cisplatin - Let's see what you've got

All things considered, we had a great day.  My sister spent the day with us and Ty had his ups and downs throughout, but the ups were so cute and so sweet it made it a lot easier to tolerate his downward mood swings.  He is still talking about "Aunt T" as he is falling asleep next to me.  She taught him about these little toys called "gogos" and apparently he is obsessed.  It doesn't take much to get him excited, all you have to do is mention the T-O-Y word.  Typical three-year-old.

We are back on morphine and anti-nausea meds around the clock.  The chemotherapy used this time around is different from the doxorubicin/vincristine/cyclophosphamide that Ty was given back in October and November.  It is called Cisplatin and it is known to be affective in similar types of cancer. Our poor little guy is such a trooper.  Ty has kept his spirits high, despite being in the hospital.  He cries when he is in pain, but he is otherwise tolerating the chemo pretty well so far!  He is getting sick here and there but he is okay.

I have kept myself pretty numb over the past few days, my mind is empty.  I can't allow myself to think about "what if" the chemo doesn't work, so I prefer not to think much about anything.  Instead I am passing the little time Ty allows me by uploading hundreds of pictures, removing the red-eye, and answering some long overdue emails.  Here are some recent favorites, starting with a picture and a video taken just an hour ago while we were doing "beads."  Ty has taken a liking to making jewelry because it is a craft that comes easily to him (physically).  He looks grumpy, who can blame him, and the "hat" on his head is actually a small hospital gown that we draped over his head because he can't wear a real hat with the open wound on top.  He finds comfort in wearing hats sometimes, and he didn't seem to notice the difference :) 

This picture of Gavin just makes me laugh.  This is what he does when Ty's not around.  He's sitting in Ty's favorite chair, kicking back with bed head and a bottle like a little old man. 

In this picture Gavin is wearing a funny hat that was sent to us by our great friends at Savannah's Organic Ranch.  Savannah Sachen was an angel among us.  She was one of my very best friend's niece, and the first child I ever knew personally who battled this disgusting disease.  Her mom is doing amazing things to embrace Savannah's dream of becoming an organic farmer.  Visit for more information.
And, lastly, here's a picture of Lou and Ty at his cousin Ryan's sixth birthday party this weekend.  My guys are lookin' good!  Happy Birthday to both of our nephews Ryan and Richie whose birthdays were last Friday.  We love you :)

Thanks, everyone and goodnight.  I think Ty is finally beginning to dose off and I'm going to take advantage.  He told me he's gonna "party all night," but the meds seem to be getting the best of him :) 

The sleepy boy... just looking at this picture reminds me that it's time for bed :)  Hugs and kisses to all.


  1. Thanks for posting these adorable pictures and video. We're thinking of you every day and sending positive energy.

    Kerrie and Phil

  2. Thank you for sharing your pictures of your beautiful family. I am at a loss for i will keep it prayers, positive thoughts are for Ty and your family. please do your job cisplatin (chemo).

  3. Aww super sweet pics!! Thanks for sharing.

    I read a 14 year old cancer survivors post about how cisplatin wiped out her tumor. She said she would visualize the cisplatin eating up the bad cancer cells like a cartoon. She also said that her mom would dab a lavender tincture with cotton balls around her room and this alleviated the nausea tremendously.

    Cisplatin munch munch munch and eat those nasty cancer buggers up!!

    Go SuperTeam Ty!! You CAN DO this!!

    Love and prayers <3 <3 <3 80 )

  4. Love the pics and seeing that adorable smile. Praying he has a good day with minimal pain and that this round of treatment is a success.


  5. Cindy, you're right, your guys look great!! Your posts always touch my heart. I cry tears of sadness and joy at all that our little guy is going thru. I hope you know that we all love your family so very much. I send positive thoughts and prayers your way all the time. Keep up the great job TY. Can't wait to see you up and running again. We love you!!!!!!

  6. Cindy,

    You have an amazing degree of emotional strength and that strength will help you through it all. You have an extraordinary ability to stay focused. I think of you and Ty endlessly.
    It was so special to see you and Ty. The next day Lia said " I love Ty and she paused then she said I love Cindy too".