Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Love is all around us

When I was in the hospital on Friday, completely harried and totally exhausted, I received a surprise visit from one of our new neighbors and it completely turned me around for the rest of the day.  She drove all the way down to deliver a beautiful basket filled with various contributions from pretty much every single neighbor in our development.  It brought me to tears when I began going through the gifts after she left.  And, of course, nothing gets Ty more excited than "pennies" - which is what he calls "presents" (he especially loved the Easter book that we've read about 100 times by now). On top of that, I learned that while I was away from home for more than three weeks, our neighbors rallied together (thank you so much, Marilyn) to  provide home cooked meals and non-stop groceries for Gavin, Lou and our amazing babysitter Amela.  What a tremendous help this was to my family.  I can't wait to get to know our neighbors better, we are very lucky!

When we arrived home, Ty had the biggest package waiting for him that I have ever seen.  I think the entire state of Georgia contributed to this care package, and it was FILLED to the brim with LOVE.  Ty really turned around yesterday and he was being such a good boy (sharing with his little brother) so we decided to pull out the box for him when he least expected it.  OMG!!!  I wish I thought to video tape his reaction.  He lost control to non-stop giggling.  There were toys upon toys (a dream come true to any three-year old); you just wouldn't believe the array of amazing things.  Lou and I were in just as much awe as Ty was.  When we began going through the cards together I couldn't believe how many people who we have never even met took the time to send such amazing words of encouragement.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you (Mary, you are amazing).  

"For you I bleed myself dry…"
Mary, who was responsible for pulling together that amazing package, also included a CD of fun music for Ty.  This was huge for me because I can't tell you how much I HATE the one CD of completely awful kids songs that TY otherwise makes me listen to over and over and over again.  I wasn't even sure he would allow it, but as soon as he heard the first song he was totally into it, and so was I!  What a treat to listen to some new music. 

In the middle of some of our favorites from Disney movies and SpongeBob was a song just for me… Coldplay, Yellow. I always thought that song was a beautiful love song but I never thought of it in the context of my love for Ty and I haven't listened to it in ages.  Coldplay is one of my all time favorites, but I rarely listen to any music these days because I can so easily fall into sadness.  As soon as I heard the first chord, I started weeping, but it was such a good cry!  A river of tears streamed down my face because every word rang true to how much I love my baby boy, and how much the world around him loves him, too.  I needed that, it felt really good and I listened to it over and over again while Ty slept quietly in his car seat.  How cute that the following song is Hakuna Matata from the Lion King J

I recently received two "pennies" for myself, as well.  A set of super "comfies" that were delivered to my hospital room (what a treat!!!) and an incredible array of products from Arbonne.  I never used that line of skin care products before, but after just two days I swear I am a lifer!  I don't look like I'm 100 years old anymore, I actually feel a little refreshed!  Of course, sleeping at home the past two nights helped, but I swear I love this stuff and I am hooked.  The gift included baby products as well, like lotion and sunscreen, and I can't wait to try it.

Terrific Ty
Most importantly, Ty is doing terrific.  He is definitely going through an emotional adjustment because we came home only to return to the hospital for hours on end each day, but he is getting stronger every day and making amazing strides.  He can hold his fork again, he can hold his head up well, and he is actually eating and drinking a little bit throughout the day.  The radiation is working Y'all! 


  1. I think you have the most amazing neighbours ever! I am so happy Ty is doing great. Hang in there; the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer and closer with each day.

  2. Cindy,

    TY, TY, TY, BEDDA, BEDDA, BEDDA is all that has been on my mind! I am overjoyed that he is able to get home and rest … maybe play a little :O) What a sweet little man! He deserves so much to be happy and most of all HEALTHY. He will get there it might take a while but HE WILL GET THERE!

    I just realized yesterday that when I talk of Ty no one asks me anymore “who is that?” everyone knows, I guess I talk about him that much and to that many!

    God is working wonders for this little man. To be honest I have never been real religious, I know you learn as a child about God and church but it has never really hit me as a reality. Thinking of Ty made me think that if there is even a possibility that prayer works I am going to do as much as possible and ask as many as possible. For this little man trying anything is worth it. It is such a blessing that God has brought Ty into my life and Ty brought God closer to mine. NOW HE JUST HAS TO GET BETTER and HE WILL!!!

    I love music; nothing calms me down more than some smooth tunes. Cold Play is one of my favorites and always does the trick for me. I love the song Yellow, always have, but, Ty gives it a new meaning. :O) I really hope he enjoyed the CD and hope for the strength for him to play with everything else. You will see some doubles (goodies for Gavin) :0). It was funny at the UPS store the salesperson was saying that the gifts were so nice, I replied, yes I hope he likes them and laughed when he said “HE!?!” He was in shock that it was for only one special little man. I wish it could have been more…

    My daughter is so excited to have the opportunity to walk in the Relay for Life at her school for Ty. We are excited about our walks coming up too!!! I will post pics for Ty on facebook :O)

    Love yall soooooo much!

    Mary E. King and the rest of the King family

  3. Still praying for Ty! Glad the Arbonne is working! Wish we could do more! I have already thanked God for Ty's complete recovery... I believe it! He hears us praying everyday... keep up the great work Mama! You are an inspiration to many.

  4. What a HAPPY post!! I am so thrilled that the radiation is working and that Mary (Mary, I am from GA, too!) sent Ty so many fun things. I can almost see his smile and feel his excitement when he saw everything! Fun!!

    Hope y'all have a great day and rest of the week.


  5. I have a great idea for a bag Cindy might like to hold all of Ty's meds.
    Could someone help me out as to an address I could have this bag shipped to?
    I'd like to personalize it as well.
    Thanks in advance for the help. :o)
    Kristine from NJ

  6. Cindy,

    I am so happy that Ty is doing well and he has been so happy! I have never heard the song Yellow, atleast I dont think I have, but I will listen to it now!

    That was so wonderful of Mary and the King family and friends to put together such a huge surprise for Ty! He truly is amazing, and has changed so many lives! I love your son, and I dont even know him! I think of your family everyday! I think you are an incredible mother, with amazing strenght. I will continue to pray for your family! :)

    Joy Marielle
    Baltimore, MD

  7. Cindy, I have mad respect and love for you and Ty. Know that someone in Tennessee cares deeply about your entire family!

  8. Jan in GA I have an event for Ty in the works right now! If you have any time I would love for you to be a part! There is power in numbers!!!


    Mary E. King

  9. Mary-- email me....I would love to do anything I can. I feel drawn to this family!


  10. Isn't it so wonderful to see the many helping hands and hearts reaching out to Ty, Cindy, Louie and Gavin... It takes the hope I feel for Ty and makes it soar over the top. Cindy, if you don't already have them...Wisp by Colgate...the best waterless toothbrush ever for those stressful times.

  11. We are so happy to hear that TY is doing so well and though with some challenges you were able to get back HOME!! Super news and full of JOY for you all!!!

    Great job Mary King and Nancy you guys are awesome!! : )

    We pray that the last week and a half go smooth, with brief sun showers and rainbows but no more trailing rainclouds!!

    Love and Prayers always,

    Brooke, Eric, Emily and Owen :o )

  12. Mary King - I am in GA as well and live in SW around the Peachtree City area. I would live to see what I can do for Ty as well. I am reachable at dbondria@aol.com. Cindy - I believe God has a plan - what Ty has done through his illness is brought a nation together. I never have a day that many prayers are not said for this little man that I feel so much motherly protection for. When I read how the pharmacy had messed up the order I was steaming mad - no one mess with our little boy. Another GA Ty fan. God bless.

  13. The comments buy Mary are so true- God does indeed have a plan & a 3yr old's illness does indeed show what the power of prayer can do.

    Super Ty continues to move at warped speed & no amount of krptonite will stop him.

    Keep on keeping on!!

  14. I follow your blog daily and can't wait for the next update. I love that you have been able to post great news for us to share. Ty certainly has brought a nation together!! I'm from N.H. and can help with whatever may be needed. Cindy, you are an inspriration to us all:) I can't wait for this blog to turn into Ty's life after cancer! He can do it!!!

  15. Awesome!!! ty--bedda bedda bedda...my son is also 3 and doesn't understand this but the other night he said he felt bedda and I thought of ty. I pray for him everyday---what a strong boy and mommy...
    Jennifer in Nc

  16. This child is simply amazing! No other words to describe him!!!! And you, you're just super mom! All of your post are amazing! They all are just so special... This child just melts my heart... I pray for you all :-) God bless

  17. To Mary King, even though you don't consider yourself very religious, what you have done for this wonderful family epitomizes what a true Christian person you truly are! You, Nancy, and the Campbell's community is what makes this country so great. You are warm, compassionate, and most of all selfless.

    To Ty... You blow me away everday with your strength and determination! You are such an amazing little man, with great eyelashes I must say!! :)

    I will continue to pray for your recovery everyday, and I also look forward to the blog on Ty's life after cancer.

    God bless you all!

    Love you bunches,

  18. Your words are very kind Jennifer. I want with all my heart for Ty to be healed.

    Mary E. King and the rest of the King family

  19. Cindy,

    Sorry I have not been sble to post lately, but know you still have constant prayers from IL. So glad to hear that Ty is gaining strength. Love and kisses to all of you.


  20. Mary, please email me, I have friends in GA that would volunteer. They are just north of Atlanta. sleek2002@aol.com