Sunday, April 3, 2011

Let's have a good week

Ty had a terrible day today?!?!  He had head pain and he was throwing up all day long :(  No one is sure why, but we think it may be because we are tapering the steroids and so it may take a couple of days with each change in dosage for him to adjust.  Hopefully his nausea and head pain will subside by tomorrow or Tuesday. 

At the same time, Ty is physically showing a lot of improvement.  His hands and arms are stronger, and he is beginning to move his right leg a tiny bit.  It's very exciting for all of us, especially Ty.  His face lights up when we show him how excited we are with each small improvement.  Love that smile of his :)  Radiation tomorrow.  Looking forward to a good week!


  1. Sorry Ty had a hard day. So sad. Hopefully today is better and this week is relatively smooth. Remember to take care of you. Sending a hug.

  2. Looking forward to a good week. Sorry you had a rough day.

  3. Sweet baby boy,

    I am sorry that you have been feeling bad. If I could take it away I would in less than a heartbeat. You are so loved, so special and once again I find myself not understanding why you are faced with this unfair journey. :O(

    On a better note, I am happy to hear of all of the improvements!!! They are all great news!
    I can’t wait for you to go home and feel better. I am always on both sides of the fence on this issue, at times I am happy that you are stuck in the hospital and at times I am not.. The reason that I feel the way I do is for knowing that you are in the immediate reach of nurses and doctors 24-7 at the hospital and that they can monitor things that family cannot. The reason I wish that you could be at home is due to the fact that I know that being at home works wonders on the mind, spirit and overall happiness…

    I will be praying for a better week sweetheart!

    Love ya honey and I am always thinking of you.

    Mary E. King and the rest of the King family