Monday, April 4, 2011

Getting stronger every day

Ty is still very nauseous. He was unable to keep down even his meds today. But in between getting sick, he was happy and playful. What an amazing sport he is. Such a fighting spirit. We played Bingo again tonight, and he was able to spin the cage for the first time in months, which he was very excited about.

I was talking with one of his doctors today about how far he has come despite endless complications and the fact that he has what is known to be the most aggressive types of childhood cancer. We agreed that he is beating the odds and I said that we have him and his other doctors to thank. Ty's doctor corrected me and said that Ty is the one that's doing it all and that he deserves all the credit for his amazing strides. That Ty alone is the one who is beating the odds. I thought that was surprisingly humble and very sweet of him to say about our little fighter. And so true!


  1. your entire journey is very humbling!

  2. Ty is an inspiration to everyone. I believe that he is meant to go on to do something incredible in life, possibly be the one to find a cure for cancer. But not to be forgotten is his amazing support staff of you, Lou and Gavin. Looking forward to better and better news everyday.

  3. Ty is very strong willed little boy and will not give up. First thanks to God for healing him. This is just a process that he is going through and when the Dr.'s give him the all clear, then that's when you will have a testimony to tell everyone about the goodness of God. Ty is a champ. Thank you God for the Doctors and staff that you have brought to Ty. Thank you for healing him, in Jesus Name.

  4. You are one remarkable woman. I admire your ability to be so present ~ that your exhaustion has not overcome your innate ability to take notice of how amazing the doctor's words were, or the power of a rattling bingo cage. G-d bless you, and your entire family. Prayers from the west coast.

  5. That brought tears to my eyes! May everyday continue to bring new and exciting improvements! Can't wait to high 5 Ty when this all over!!!! Love, Juliet

  6. You truly are an inspiration and an amazing mother and wife. Ty is lucky to have you and Lou by his side.

  7. Cindy,

    I'm sorry to hear that Ty wasn't feeling too well, but I am so happy to hear that he is in such good spirits! The doctors are right, your little boy is remarkable!

    I think about you all the time, and I cant wait for the day when you post that Ty beat the Cancer!

    Joy Marielle
    Baltimore, MD

  8. I am sorry to hear that Mr. Sweet baby boy is not feeling well. Being sick and not being able to hold food down is such a pain, even for adults :O( He will feel better, just a little bump in the road!

    Ty is DOING IT and he will be cured!!! The doctors and medical staff are amazing they have been a key factor, but, little man is making it!!!

    I hope that you feel better today and everyday hun, you deserve it and SO MUCH MORE!

    BINGO!!! :O) Go spin that cage again!!!

    LOVE YA!!!
    Mary E. King and the rest of the King Family