Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ty says goodnight

This video was taken just a few weeks ago.  A goodnight kiss and a knock knock joke, with love from Ty.


  1. A joke a day:

  2. Lord how I wished I could see you post a current video like heart is breaking for you Cindy. I have started over tonight reading your book from the beginning, can't sleep anyway, haven't slept much at all since your heart breaking post,I go to bed with him on my mind and I wake up to him on my mind before opening my eyes, I always hear the song "Here comes the sun" in my head. I get up several times thru the night to check in to see if you have updated...please know that MANY are praying and MANY hearts are breaking for you and your family. I am praying for a miracle, I am praying for God's Will, I am praying for peace that surpasses all understanding and I am praying it all in Jesus Christ Name. God love you all, you precious family.

    ~Michelle North Ga.

  3. I really love this video Cindy. Beautiful boy - and so strong. A complete inspiration. Love to you, Lou and Gavin and my prayers are still with Ty. He's an angel now, and in paradise.