Friday, September 10, 2010

Surgery success

As a parent, seeing our baby go into the OR wasn't any easier the third time around.  It was scary and heartbreaking.  And, of course, surgery lasted twice as long as we expected which kept our anxiety levels high while we sat in the waiting room for hours.  But when we returned to the room and saw him waking up, we were so happy to see that he was in relatively good spirits, and he felt better and better as the evening went on. 

After his breakthrough yesterday, Ty woke up this morning asking for more yogurt.  Of course, he's "NPO" for 12 hours before surgery which means he can't consume anything, not even water.  Try explaining that to a three-year-old who was being praised for every small bite of yogurt the night before.  Poor Mommy had to tell him over and over that we had no more yogurt and he wasn't allowed to eat.  Finally, he said, "I want Daddy".  So, we called Daddy and Ty turned on the waterworks.  Ultimately he got the same story from Daddy which was... "Sorry little buddy, no yogurt".  We hung up the phone, and Ty said "I want to call Nana."  He's no dummy.  He knows Nana gives him whatever he wants :)  That made mommy laugh out loud.

As a reward, tonight we celebrated with a lollipop party when Uncle Bill and Aunt Lorraine came to visit. Ty really enjoyed it, and boy did he deserve it! Fingers crossed for a peaceful night sleep and a good day tomorrow.