Monday, September 6, 2010

Slow and steady wins the race

Today was very similar to yesterday.  Ty had some good moments, one where he even gave his Daddy two hugs around the neck from his hospital bed.  He tried to eat a banana but got frustrated because his "mouth not work" the way it used to.  With physical therapy that will correct itself, but he doesn't understand that just yet.  A feeding tube inserted into his stomach might be a short-term consideration until he can get back in shape.

We read a lot of books, watched some Max and Ruby and played Leapster.  We dragged him out of bed onto Daddy's lap for about 15 minutes, but his head was hurting him and we put him back down so he could be more comfortable.  Although it's taking much longer than anyone expected to get better and to get out of the ICU, we hope he continues on this path toward recovery.  The tortoise wins the race. 

Gavin spent the afternoon at the Ronald McDonald house and tore up the playroom (and every other room he could get into).  He tossed around some remote controls, threw around his goldfish, climbed the furniture, rode the cars into the walls and then went home.  We enjoyed having him around today and we can't wait for the next visit. 


  1. One day at a time. We are glad to know that the road to recovery started. Future treatments will be better, you will see.
    We love you all very much and send you our love, blessing, patience, care, and prayers!

    hugs and kisses to those beautiful feetsies from all of us in PR. One per each one in each little toe. :)

    Love never fails; Character never quits; and with patience and persistence;
    Dreams do come true.
    Pete Maravich

    Never think that God’s delays are God’s denials. Hold on; hold fast; hold out. Patience is genius.
    Georges-Louis Leclere De Buffon

  2. I feel weird that I laugh at most of your posts. Go baby gaga! He definitely sees the positives.... What an awesome family you are. Happy anniversary. We love you so much!
    Rudy and lynda

  3. Hi Linda, if we couldn't laugh about some of the lighter things we are going through, we would never be strong enough for the road ahead. Thanks to you and Rudy for being such great friends.

    Rosalyn, your comments are always so thoughtful and inspiring. Thank you and keep them coming :)

  4. The whole process is like a roller coaster. Enjoy the good days as much as you can. Love ya guys Kelly and Ryan