Saturday, September 25, 2010

The sleeping situation

Since Ty has been home, he has been sleeping in our bed.  Even though he wasn't a good sleeper before the diagnosis, he still started off in his own bed at bedtime (and often ended up in our bed at some point in the night). 

Now, because he is hooked up to a feeding tube every night, he has to be monitored because he is at risk of aspiration.  In addition, he still gets two IV antibiotics throughout the night (one from 10 - 11PM and one from 4-5AM) so we prefer to have him with us.  I'm sharing this information because it has become a big issue for us lately.  Lou and I have a queen size bed and we can't all fit anymore because of Ty's IV and feeding tube.  These days one of us sleeps with Ty and one of us sleeps in my office on a crappy pull out bed.  It stinks!  We desperately need to upgrade to a king size bed so we can all enjoy sleeping together as a family again until Ty is all better. 

In fact, Ty is still awake with me in bed as I'm trying to complete this post, and he keeps teasing me by pressing the buttons.  I promised I would be quick and I would post a picture of him and his brother.  Enjoy this photo of Ty sharing his ice cream with Gavin just two weeks before his diagnosis.  It was taken during our family vacation at Schroon Lake.   

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  1. Love the pic and all the good news. The boys look beautiful and happy.