Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One foot out the door

Ty is almost back to his old self.  He's been sitting upright watching movies, looking through toy magazines and picking out presents, eating whatever he wants, and best of all, smiling a lot.  The only thing we can't get him to do is put on some clothes and get out of bed to practice walking around.  We think he is enjoying being catered to a bit too much as he sits in his bed making endless demands of everyone. 

We have been working toward getting Ty discharged this week, and we may be able to get him home as early as Thursday.  Hopefully we will know for sure by tomorrow's post.  If not Thursday, we expect to be home no later than this weekend.  It won't be for long, but just getting Gavin back and having the whole family together in our own house will be better than anything else we can imagine. 


  1. Oh it all sounds so good!!! I can't wait to see you all together again!!!!

  2. I'm so thrilled and so impressed with how well Ty, Mommy and Daddy are managing this incredibly difficult situation. You are all doing a terrific job (WOW). I picture many more successes throughout each step and I imagine you all at home tomorrow in Long beach having fun!