Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Looking forward to Friday

Ty has settled into a routine of making demands and snacking on treats all day.  He is certainly back to his old self, but with even more attitude.  When this is all over and we can declare him cured, we are going to have our hands full trying to un-do all of the damage we are doing by spoiling him like crazy!  We don't care, his every wish is our command for now. 

The latest word from the doctors is that we will most likely be discharged on FRIDAY!  We can't wait to go home, and we think we will be home for about a week before starting treatment.  We already had our lessons on how to administer his feedings from home and it seems easy enough.  Ty will still be able to disconnect for several hours at a time so he can get around normally throughout the day and we are happy about that.  The only frightening part about being in charge of his medication is Cindy's tendancy to be late... for everything.  We are told he needs to be on a strict schedule which may be a challenge for the Campbell's :) 

Ty is generally happy here now.  We mentioned how much anxiety he suffered when he was in the pediatric ICU, much of which was a result of the severe pain he was experiencing, and the back-to-back procedures, blood draws, cultures, etc.  Now that his pain is managed, his medication is minimized and he doesn't need 24-hour care, he is a whole new person.  See for yourself, Ty feels "betta"!

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    Now make sure you have an alarm clock or 2 set in all phones, and even with him, so he knows it is time to see mammy or daddy. Create appointments that have reminders and make them recurring eveery X hours and send them to yourself.

    It is funny, because for a client we presented an idea for a medicine reminder. If you have an iPhone or via internet, there might be an application that sends either emails or sms.
    With outlook you can do it!

    Enjoy the love Ty has, it shines through the screen and we can see the love in the interaction between you all.

    Peace begins with a smile. Mother Teresa

    A baby is born with a need to be loved - and never outgrows it. Frank Howard Clark