Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Today was nuts.  Between trying to work, trying to get some of our many bags unpacked from the hospital, and trying to prepare for the next two days in between administering medication every couple of hours the day just flew by.  Not to mention that we had to take Ty back to the clinic to try and unclog one of his IV ports.  They were able to get it working again no problem, but when I tried to use it this evening it was completely clogged again - Aargh!

We will be on the road for the next two days.  We are off to Sloan Kettering tomorrow, then we're bringing the boys to PwC to visit with some of Cindy's work colleagues.  We also plan to stroll through the Central Park Zoo so Ty can see the polar bears - he's very excited about that.  Then we are moving on to Philadelphia for a meeting with the oncology team at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia on Wednesday morning.  We plan to spend the afternoon in Philly before heading back to New York so Ty and Gavin can feel like it is more of a vacation rather than more hospital visits.  We will keep you posted on how those meetings go and what we decide to do as far as next steps. 

We decided not to begin chemotherapy at Cohen's Children's hospital on Thursday, so it is likely that we will have a few more days at home before being able to begin with Sloan Kettering or another institution.  Although we understand the importance of beginning his treatment ASAP, we also welcome the idea of a few more peaceful days at home sweet home before everything turns upside down again.

Please continue to keep Ty in your thoughts and prayers.  It means so very much to us.  Thank you. 

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