Sunday, September 26, 2010

Big boy haircut!!

It kinda breaks my heart to see how grown up he looks, but today we cut off my baby's golden curls to try and prepare for what's ahead and I have to admit.... he's even more handsome than ever :)  After his very extended stay at the hospital, it's true that his hair was totally wild and unwieldy.  He was already in need of a trim before we were unexpectedly admitted, just take a look at him on the way out the door five weeks later. 

BUT, it's hard for a mom to cut her baby's hair.  Years ago I couldn't relate to the event in Sons and Lovers when Walter cut his baby's hair while his wife was sleeping and why she felt betrayed, but then I became a mom who is weirdly attached to my own baby boy's hair.  There's just something about wanting to hold onto the beautiful babiness of it all.  He looks so grown up now that we cut it so short!  And, he looks great.  He looks healthy, and strong, and I'm glad he is getting older because he needs to be strong and tough for what lies ahead.  Just look at this, can you believe it?

When he loses his hair in a few weeks, I think he is going to adapt well to all the cool hats we got for him.  His Nana already hit H&M and stocked up on everything from knit caps to fedoras.  All we need are a couple of 'do rags and we're all set.  I think what's going to break my heart more is when he loses his eyelashes.  The very first thing I said when he was handed over to me in the delivery room was "look at those long eyelashes, what beautiful eyelashes!"  I've met some moms who have been through this (amazing women, each and every one) and they tell me not to worry, they grow back even thicker and more beautiful.  That made me feel better.

Ty has a lot of preliminary baseline testing this week before we can schedule his first treatment, but it will be very soon.  His third birthday is on October 4th, so we hope to have next weekend at home so we can celebrate beforehand, but we are not sure yet how this is going to play out.  Ty has actually been running low fevers the past couple of nights, which complicates things and makes Lou and I terribly nervous.  We will keep you informed as things progress.  Thanks to everyone who follows Ty and to those of you who have reached out to us.  We are so grateful to have your love, your support, your positive thoughts and your prayers. 

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  1. I can't believe how cute Ty looks, grown up and strong! No worries we got the do rags covered Richie pulled out his skull one and will bring it! I also totally understand your obsession with the curls (as u can tell from Richie's long hair I never got quite past it) but I have to say I am a fan of Ty's new hair cut!!! He is so beautiful maybe he will be an inspiration for his big cuz!