Sunday, September 19, 2010

Best. Day. Ever.

Home sweet home.  Today was a wonderful day at home with the boys.  Gavin seems like he has grown six inches wider and taller -- he's just such a big boy!  We don't ever want that much time to pass again without being with Gavin.  Of course, Ty still finds him annoying and likes to refer to him as a "lunatic" but he is happy to have him around nonetheless.   

We tried not to get caught up in the stress today, but at times that proved impossible.  As we said yesterday, it's a lot of work and trying to get through all of the bags we brought home from the hospital can be overwhelming.  Thankfully, we remind one another that the most important job we need to do over the next few days is to enjoy having Ty home with us. 

Tomorrow we look forward to taking a nice long walk on the boardwalk and eating ice cream.  Ty also wants to visit with "Sissy" over the next couple of days and he very much enjoyed seeing Eva today.  So much has changed over the course of these 5 weeks, it's nice to have an ounce of normalcy in our lives for a change.  Ty misses going to school and he misses seeing his best buddy "E", but he is otherwise doing great. 

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