Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another good day with our little fighter

We took Ty to Magnolia Park today.  He can't walk around with strength yet, but we were overjoyed when he went on the swing and was all smiles.  He asked to go "higher, higher, to the sky".  Just like his old self.  It was wonderful.  He is the sweetest boy in the world. 

We taught him that he has cancer, although he obviously doesn't really understand what that means, he does know that he's sick.  When we ask him what he's going to do to the cancer he says "I'm gonna beat it up!!"  We will try to capture that on video and share with you soon :)  I thought I had a good video today, but then Gavin grabbed the camera while I was still recording and threw it. 

We love Ty so much we can't even express how all of this feels.  We're experiencing the most real and intense feelings we've ever felt in our entire lives, and our love for Ty and Gavin is stronger than ever.  Which is overwhelming because before August 11th, we couldn't imagine we were even capable of loving them more than we already did.  Before he was even sick, Ty consumed the majority of our thoughts every single day of our lives.  Now that is intensified beyond words.  We are so grateful for every single smile that crosses his face, and we jump to our feet with every single whimper. 

Being a parent is the toughest job in the world.  The love and responsibility is something that simply cannot be understood unless it's experienced.  The same goes for being the parent of a sick child.  We had always feared something like this might happen, and felt so incredibly sad for anyone we ever knew or anyone we heard of who was living that nightmare.  Now that we are living it ourselves it's as if we are in this new world of understanding and appreciation.  Don't sweat the small stuff is quite an understatement. 

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