Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Preschool Shenanigans

Preschool was a complete bust this morning.  Ty was so stubborn!!  Which, is fine, really, we will try again on Thursday.  In fact, when I gave up and got him back in the car (the only time he calmed down in over an hour prior) we talked about coming back in a couple of days and we made a deal that he wouldn't give me such a hard time next time.  We even shook hands on it, so let's see how true to his word this guy is gonna be.  Knowing Ty, something tells me he will stick to his word.  He's just special like that.   

Here he is all dressed and ready to go.  You can tell he's not happy with me.  But he did look very handsome.  I was disappointed because I was looking forward to it.  I just know once he gets into that classroom he will be so happy to play with other children his age. 

School starts at 9AM but Ty didn't wake up until 8.  I think that was part of the problem.  I rushed him to get dressed when he didn't want to.  He fought me tooth and nail over brushing his teeth and going to the bathroom.  He just wanted to ease into a nice, quiet day at home.  He told me over and over and over again that he didn't want to go to school or anywhere for that matter.  When I tried to strap him into the car, he displayed more physical strength than I have seen in ages.  I couldn't strap him into his carseat at first!  The next thing I did wrong was try to wait it out.  I called the school and told them I was going to give him more time.  I also tried to calm him down in the parking lot once we finally arrived to no avail.  By the time I actually walked my screaming child into the school, the others had already been settled down for almost an hour so the last thing I wanted to do was undo everything the teachers had done to make the other children comfortable.  It was obvious Ty wasn't going to calm down, so I decided to go home and try again on Thursday.  Ty was pleased with this decision.

Even during his darkest moments, his fighting spirit always flickered inside of him.  Although it is hard to be patient with such a stubborn boy during every day life (yay!! everyday life how I love thee!!), I am grateful that he has the determination of a mountain climber.  May he continue to fight his way uphill until he is deemed cancer-free.  And then, I pray for a beautiful and meaningful descent into his golden years.  A bountiful life for our precious Ty. 


  1. I love reading stories about Ty acting like a normal little boy who throws fits and tantrums!


  2. You are so blessed to have that stubborn little fighter nd we are so blessed to be able to follow you all on this journey. I love hearing about SuperTy acting like a normal almost 4 yr old. He makes my heart smile! The pictures keep getting cuter and cuter. Hope Thursday goes better for you guys. Even if it doesn't I'm sure you will find the joy in it. You always do and I'm blessed by your wonderful outlook on life. Keep up the great job little fighter!!

    All my love always,

  3. Cutest pics ever!! He looks so sweet, how in the world could he be so stubborn?! (wink, wink)

    Getting him into the classroom will def. be the hurdle. I believe once he gets in there, he will love it and will not want to leave. It will be good for him in the end, if you can convince him to comply. I hope on Thursday it will work out for y'all.


  4. I am so happy to hear that Ty is pulling the typical preschooler card and not wanting to leave his mom or go to school. It is refreshing to hear that he is stubbornness reigns supreme. It is better than hearing he is not doing well. Show that fighting spirit Ty.

  5. Ahhh so typical of a normal little boy to fight about going to school. Who wouldn't want to stay home and veg all day. You should remind him that part of "beating up cancer" is fighting it and showing it that he will win...that he will do normal activities...like going to school! Glad to hear he is doing well! Keep fighting Ty!

  6. Girl -- you did absolutely nothing 'wrong' --
    own this experience. Consider it an experiment and please, please be kind to yourself.

  7. It sounds like Ty is acting like a Campbell! Strong willed, determined and fierce-!

  8. Cindy & Lou,

    LOL, I cant help but laugh, because I am not surprised!!! You may be devastated, but this is wonderful! This is what normal 3 year olds do, and I think this is great, tantrum and the whole 9 yards! My son Alex is Ty's age and he threw a tantrum yesterday because I asked him how old he was going to be when his birthday comes. He looked at me and said 3, and I said no you are going to be 4 and he lost it. Screamed and cried yelling I don't want to be 4 I want to be 3, I like being 3 and Im not having a dirday (birthday) I don't want a dirday mommy! I almost fell over laughing, I couldn't believe he was acting like that, but guess what, he is 3 and that's what 3 year olds do! So what do I do? Tell him ok you can be 3 and you don't need to have a birthday and then he was fine, lol.

    I remember when my older son Nicholas first started preschool. He was fine the first day but for a week after that he went nuts. I think by the time the second day came around, he realized I was leaving! But, eventually he got used to it. Some kids take longer than others.

    And look at your little man, that picture of him on the couch, smiling, kind of a smirking smile, little devil!!! He already told you he didn't want to go, and he showed you boy! The king of the house! :) He will be fine, I'm sure of it! I just think he is probably very nervous, and also a little shy. He is unable as of right now to do all the other kids can do, and that might make him feel nervous or insecure. You just have to give him time. Eventually, when he goes to preschool all by himself, one day I bet you he will cry when you pick him up because he doesn't want to go home!

    Team Ty :)

    Joy Marielle
    Baltimore, MD

  9. It would have been much more worrysome had he not fought you tooth and nail-
    I am so, so glad he did.
    It may take more than just a day or two. I cried for the whole first month of first grade (back in 1964!)
    Love you Super TY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Continue to look forward to Preschool. It's gonna be great, as you said. Just not yesterday, but hopefully tomorrow. Regardless it will be well worth the struggle and the trying to find patience. You'll get there! Preschool-bound or BUST!

    LOL I just flash-pictured Ty with a shit-eating grin, uttering "bust!" and making everyone laugh! Good luck tomorrow. Remember patience will get you there. I see your home, cars and preschool swarming with busy angels as they joyfully orchestrate the answers to our prayers! They do not bump into walls such as we do on this side, being driven crazy by screaming kids and such. Patience is trusting in this higher orchestration for the best timing.

    Can you visualize those angels?

  11. I just love the before and after photos!!! Ty, you are too cute!! Keep fighting and always stay strong lil man! love and prayers always..
    oxox Raena

  12. Those pics of Ty are just too cute for words. He is one handsome little devil. I'll bet it won't be long before he's not even paying attention to you at school. There will be way too much going on and to many friends to make. He lost a whole year of learing independence, he'll get there. Can't wait to hear how the second attempt goes:)
    Michelle from NH