Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Lou

Before I start my update on Ty, I need to wish Lou a happy anniversary! We were married six years ago today on the most beautiful day and I love him now more than ever. I wish I could relive that day. Lou and I left Ty and Gavin with his parents (this is huge that Ty is okay with this now) and we are having a nice morning in Cold Spring before the rain starts. Coffee down by the river and window shopping. Yay!

Again, Ty's blood work came back perfect last week. It is actually making me nervous now. I worry that we need to get him on some stronger chemotherapy as soon as possible. Especially considering how the disease spread while he was on Cisplatin, which is some heavy duty stuff. We completed our first week with the Temodar and it has been making him sick here and there. I hate to see him throwing up again, it just breaks my heart. No hair loss yet, and that may not even happen. I hope it doesn't because he is looking so healthy and so strong lately. The only indicator that he's sick is that he rarely has shoes on (since he's not walking) and he is completely bald in only the back of his head from the radiation. I can't even count how many times strangers have commented on his "haircut". I just laugh and nod because that's the polite thing to do. I don't mind, it's a simple mistake, but sometimes I think Ty gets confused and doesn't know why everyone is always commenting on his crazy hair.

I administer his chemotherapy twice a day through his G-tube (which is basically a tube that locks into a button going straight into his belly) and every day I have to tell Ty that I'm giving him vitamins instead of medicine because he insists that he doesn't need medicine. "I not sick anymore," he tells me. From your mouth to God's ears, baby boy. Let that be true.

Ty has an MRI scheduled for Tuesday and we are counting down the hours. I've never known anxiety like this before. It's awful and I am just sick over it. As long as his scan comes back showing no new lesions, we will start to give Ty additional chemotherapy drugs. For now, we just have to wait, agonizing over every small thing he does. Is he drooling more than usual? Does his speech sound more nasally? Do you think his legs are a little weaker today? no,no and no... I hope and pray.

Please continue to pray for Ty and for all of the children suffering with cancer. Please continue to remember and share that this is childhood cancer awareness month. Thank you!


  1. From Ty's mouth to God's ears!!! I pray every day for my little hero to be free from this disease. It has to be so, it just has to be. I will be waiting, somewhat impatiently, for an update on SuperTy's MRI results. Always thinking positive thoughts.

    All my love,

  2. Happy Anniversary Cindy and Lou!!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! You are an amazing couple and team!

    I'll be thinking of Ty and a clean scan and all smiles on everyone's faces! I know it will feel like a long time till Tuesday, but I just sent a thousand angels for you and Lou to help lift your load. That's 500 each.

    All my love,

  4. Happy Anniversary Cindy and Louie, Cold such a great escape. Hope you enjoyed that coffee, morning breeze, great shops and most importantly knowing that Ty was enjoying his company - happy and content.

  5. Cindy & Lou,

    Happy Anniversary!!! I pray that Ty's scan is fine! Im keeping my fingers crossed!!! He looks great and I am going to be doing everything that I can to support Pediatric Cancer Awareness!!!!

    Thinking of you guys always!!!

    Joy Marielle
    Baltimore, MD

  6. Happy anniversary!! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the scan comes back clean. Also saying a prayer that by this time next year you are sitting back watching your baby run and play (cancer free) enjoying a weekend away for your anniversary
    Have a great weekend