Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Road to Recovery

I think I may have posted under this title before, but after two solid months of steady improvement, I really believe that we are on the road to recovery.  I know that Ty has cancer and I know there is no end in <near> sight for his treatment, but I also believe that he will be cancer free one day and that we are heading in that direction.  After Ty's first surgery, I referred to a statement that his surgeon made several times... that we have only taken the first few strides in the marathon that is ahead of us.  After all we've been through this past year, I imagine that marathon as having a tremendous uphill slope for the first 10 miles or so, and we have just reached the height of it.  For the rest of this race, there will still be twists, turns, hills and bumps in the road, but God willing the hardest part is behind us.  I pray for that to be true with every ounce of my being. 

Ty is doing so good, I just can't imagine any different.  May his first year be the worst year.  There were several times over the past 12 months where I saw his life slipping away right before my eyes.  It was evil and brutal and so incredibly unfair. Sometimes I wish I could erase those visions because they hurt me so much, but most of the time I am grateful for them because I am able to look across the room at his face and reflect on what I almost lost.  I do this constantly.  I mean, constantly.  It absolutely consumes my thoughts... how close he has come so many times and how lucky I am to have him here with me still.  I am so incredibly happy to put this past year behind us, and I just know Ty will continue to get better.  Today we received a surprise delivery from a local restaurant that included an amazing Spiderman cake for SuperTy (thank you, Katie!).  Just look at that face when we celebrated over dessert tonight.  This is the face of a boy who is feeling damn good.  If it wasn't for his crazy hair (he is completely bald in the back of his head as a result of radiation), I don't think people would even be able to tell he is sick!  Even with that, I think it just confuses people.  They look as if they are wondering why on earth we would cut his hair like that :)  By the way, if you think Gavin looks huge in this picture, that's because he totally is.  At 2 years, 4 months he is the exact same height as Ty when we get him up on his feet.  What a goon!  :)

We'll sing our battle song for you, Super Ty!
Fordham Football is so totally awesome.  We received an email from them that teaches Ty the Fordham Fight song and they revised a verse specifically for him... "We'll sing our battle song for you, SuperTy!" it reads.  How cool is that?  I just have to share with you a few additional excerpts.  I hope they don't mind, I just couldn't believe what tremendous hearts these guys have...

Ty, even though you are still a little boy, you are stronger and tougher than all of us big football players can ever be. We hope our song helps you keep on fighting like we know you will. You continue to inspire us and make us all so proud to be your friends.

You are such a brave little boy for everything you have done and overcame. Your little brother Gavin looks up to you for everything, and we want you to know that you now have 100 big brothers to look up to on the Fordham football team.

Ty, what you go through every day is a complete inspiration to each and every one of us. We look forward to a long friendship ahead because once you’re a Ram, you’re a Ram for life! Best of luck with everything! God Bless.

I have dreams of Ty playing football at Fordham University someday.  Walking along that beautiful campus in his Maroon tee :)  Thanks, guys.  See you at West Point in October, if not sooner!


  1. Again, a wonderful post. You are blessed, as your family has loads of people in your corner. Everywhere you turn there are Ty fans! Great job Fordham University! I LOOOOVE football and think there isn't a team like the Georgia Bulldogs....but, I think Fordham may rank a close 2nd now! :)

    Have a GREAT weekend and I hope y'all aren't having to worry about Hurrican Irene!


  2. After your posts, I am usually completely overwhelmed with admiration for you, Ty, Lou and Gavin. Of course, I am today, as always... but, additionally, after today's post, I am overwhelmed with the kindness of the people around you. Really. Ty has inspired so many people, locally and all over the country. I am continuously amazed by their genorisity and love. Ty's (and all of your)strength and commitment to life has effected so many of us. I thank you for continuing to share your journey with us.. you remind me daily what a gift each day is with our loved ones.

    So much love - Janah Angelou

  3. Irene has nothing on you. Be safe, stay strong, You are exemplary role models for all of us. Love from California.