Wednesday, August 17, 2011

May name is KIIIIIIIIIIDD Rock!

Today we spent the morning with James, Ryan and Aunt T.  They slept over and Ty had such a great time having them around.  They really keep him entertained with loads of fun, big boy games and toys.  Ty and Gavin were just being kids and totally enjoying themselves.

Tonight... I am going to go out with Lou and friends to a concert!!!!!  I am a total nervous wreck and I seriously don't want to go, but Lou keeps insisting everything will be fine, that we need this, and I know he is right.  I mean, I love Kid Rock (Linda and Debi - be jealous, Catherine - stop laughing), the concert is outdoors near Woodstock and it is a totally beautiful day/evening.  It should be fun?  Oh, I hope I can let go a little and trust that Ty is fine.  This is a really big deal.  Nana and Papa are here, and so is Mely our beloved and most trusted babysitter.  Ty is in a great mood, he's eating well, he is happy.  We've gone out before, but never further than 2 miles and I always wait until Ty is sleeping or close to sleeping before leaving.

I am excited despite my nerves.  I hope we have a great night, and I hope even more that Ty does.  Goodnight all.  More tomorrow.


  1. Have a G-R-E-A-T time and Can't you put Debi in a suitcase or something!!!

  2. if anyone deserves a night out..its YOU and LOU!!

    Have a wonderful time...Super Ty will be fine!

  3. you go girl!!!Suspend all worries for the evening!!!

  4. Lou is a very smart man - hope you had a blast!


  5. Have a great time! No one deserves it more than you. Enjoy - everybody needs to let loose once in a while.

    Ann from Buffalo

  6. Have a great time!! You deserve it..Hope you guys have the best night!!