Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Children's Museum and the Daily Planet

My parents had to leave late this afternoon, so I wanted to do something fun with Ty, Gavin, Grandma and Pop-Pop this morning.  We decided to head into Poughkeepsie to visit the Children's Museum, followed by lunch at The Daily Planet which was recommended by our friend and a huge hit with the kids (and me!).  The restaurant has a super hero theme and it was totally kid friendly, and delicious!  It was a great day without any real stress. 
Ty learns about gardening

The two of them in the fire truck, Gavin all dressed up

Here Gavin is saying "Arrrr!" like a pirate
We must have been in the car during the earthquake because none of us felt a thing.  In fact, this is the third earthquake I have been in and I never felt it, not once.  So, I can't really count any of them.  I have yet to really experience an earthquake and although I kinda feel left out, that's totally fine with me.  So thankful that there wasn't any damage done and no casualties.  Thank you, God. 

My best friend in the whole world is giving birth to twin girls tonight!  These are her first babies and I can't wait for her to experience that explosion of love that she is about to understand.  So excited for her and her family and I pray with all my heart and soul that the babies are happy and healthy always and forever.  XOXO Dawn!

Tomorrow we will be spending the day at the hospital.  Ty will get an infusion of Avastin, and we will begin the oral Temodar later this week (Friday).  I am very anxious to do this.  Although I don't want to lose any of the amazing headway we have made, I am absolutely terrified that if we aren't more aggressive with his therapy that the beast will rear it's ugly head again and I never, ever, ever want to encounter that vile, disgusting, brutally evil beast again.  But if I do.... I am ready to keep fighting.  Waiting for it, in fact I'll never let my guard down, but hoping with every ounce of my soul that it never comes for us again.

Ty will also begin a full array of at-home services to help bring him back to his optimal potential.  Speech, Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Special Education... all in the comfort of our home.  It's going to be a lot for Ty to deal with, but I think he will get used to it and he will embrace it when he sees how much headway he makes with the help from all of these wonderful people who just want to help.  I am excited to get that started, too!  I would prefer to take him to a facility so he would have a place to go and a more social type of activity to look forward to, but with so many unknowns pertaining to the types of chemo we may be trying in upcoming months, we can't take any chances exposing him to public places in the future.  So, for now we will stick with at-home care, and that will be nice.   

Off to bed.  I look forward to reporting good things from his check-up tomorrow.  Here's to gaining weight and perfect bloodwork!  Thank you all so much for keeping tabs on Ty and for all of your supportive words and prayers.  It means so much to all of us.  XOXO, love Ty. 


  1. Cindy, Looking forward to hearing nothing but good news today from Ty's visit. Totally loved the year in review, must have watched it and prayed 100x's.....

  2. Love the pictures. It brightens up my day to see that the boys are having fun.
    Much love,