Sunday, August 14, 2011

Balloons and Bubbles!

Picture a rainy, dreary morning.  It's always on those days that the kids get up way too early, and on those days I usually chose to overindulge the night before and stay up way too late enjoying one too many glasses of wine. Something about a rainy day also gets the kids crazy!  All of you with children know exactly what kind of morning we were having.  It was dragging on, three cups of coffee still didn't cut it, and Ty was crying non-stop over every little thing.  Thankfully it wasn't because of pain or because he wasn't feeling good.  He was just tired and cranky.  I kept saying things like, "Ty... C'mon!  You know better than anyone that there are much bigger reasons to cry than the fact that your craisin just fell between the couch cushions.  What's the matter with you today?"

Just at the right time in our painful day, the doorbell rang and we had the most exciting, unexpected surprise.  BALLOONS!  Hundreds of them!!  Literally, Ty received a delivery of 365 helium balloons to represent the days he's been fighting this vicious and passionate fight of his.  Can you imagine his face?  Here is his expression of complete awe holding his first balloon as they started rolling in. 

This was an anonymous gift that has touched our hearts.  I hope the thoughtful person who brought this cheer into our home this morning sees these pictures because I want him or her to know how it completely turned our day around.  The balloons completely fill the ceiling in the playroom, and I couldn't keep the boys out of there for the rest of the day!  In fact, we left about 20 of them upstairs so we could bribe them into coming back to the kitchen for dinner :)  It looks amazing.  It's also overwhelming to look at when you think how each balloon represents one day with cancer.  Wow. 

The rest of the day was spent playing and watching DVDs.  Nana and Papa came over to treat us with a delicious dinner for all of us tonight, and I am sitting here full and content.  I even convinced Ty to take a tubby tonight (he fights me so much every time) and he shared his bubble bath with Gavin tonight for the first night since I don't know when.  In fact, I can't ever imagine them sharing a bath post-diagnosis.  It was so cute and I was so happy to see them enjoying one another like that.  They were playing by pouring water over one another's heads just like old times.  Just seeing Ty able to sit up in the tub is enough to make my heart melt :)  I had to cut Gavin out of this one because he was being a lunatic as usual. 

Ty is getting so strong and so determined to get walking again.  It's adorable.  I will post a video very soon, but the bottom line is he gets up and walking with someone holding both hands up to a dozen times a day.  He can make it across the room and down the hall.  He even insists on going up and down the stairs (which requires more assistance) and he likes to try "jumping" over different things.  He yells to Gavin, "I'm gonna beat you!!!" with excitement and enthusiasm.  It is amazing, this kid. 

Tomorrow, bloodwork at a local hospital.  Tuesday an overnight visit from my sister and nephews, Thursday a meeting with the Special Education board at Ty's future school to discuss Speech therapy, OT and PT for Ty, Friday we go back to Sloan Kettering for the next round of chemo.  Please pray that it is working and Ty continues to improve until he returns to his optimal health.  Thank you so much for all of your love and support. 

XOXO, love Ty and the rest of the Campbell's. 


  1. Most amazing and uplifting post, Cindy. What an incredible gift... each moment, each hour, each precious DAY represented by a beautiful balloon! Ty looks amazing. Keep the faith! Love, Chris and Jen

  2. Angels are everywhere. God's blessings to all those who pray and special blessings to the Campbells.

  3. Wonderful, incredible, amazing. Everything about that post sends my heart soaring. So glad to hear how your day was turned around onto a joyous one. These are the days we need to remember. Ty looks so happy in the tub and to hear he is walking so much makes me smile from ear to ear.

    Keep up the fight SuperTy! We are all pulling for you.

    All my love,

  4. What an amazing surprise from an amazing person for an amazing Ty!!!

  5. LOVE this post! Whoever sent the balloons is such an incredible person. Perfect timing and a perfect gift!

    I am catching up on all of your posts from last week as I was away from the computer. I love the video you posted, it made my morning!

    I am so glad Ty is feeling so much better and all his pics are just adorable.


  6. Such great people in this world, Cindy. What a wonderful person to send such a great gift. Ty looks TERRIFIC! Enjoy and we'll chat soon!