Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thank you

Lou and I would like to extend our most sincere thanks to everyone who attanded the event at The Public House last night.  And, a special thank you to Charlie for organizing everything, and to all those who donated items for the silent auction.  Your thoughtfulness and your generosity moves us to tears.  I wish I could have been there more than you know.  I miss you all so much.

Ty is doing okay, but not great.  He has had a lot of significant head pain today, but his shunt tap showed no signs of intracranial bleeding this time around, and no signs of infection on the cultures that were drawn (at least, not yet).  These headaches may end up being par for the course, which is a shame, but better than repeat bouts of meningitis or bleeding.  We'll see. 

He is hooked up to a constant morphine drip again, and sometimes he requires additional medication when it gets bad, but his incidents of pain have been isolated and he is otherwise feeling good.  He is still eating well, doing arts and crafts, watching movies, and being funny.  In fact, he interrupted the doctors today to say "Muze me" (excuse me).  The first time we ignored him, so he said it louder... "MUZE ME".  We stopped talking and I asked, "what is it?"  He said "I fart" and gave us all a big smile.  He is a character.   

Thanks again for keeping tabs on our little fighter.  Your loving support keeps us strong.


  1. We missed you to Cindy,We love you guys

  2. LOL!!! LOVE IT!!

    ~Michelle, North Ga.