Monday, November 15, 2010

Peace and Quiet (sort of)

After a long day with a lot of whining on Ty's part, he is finally sleeping peacefully and without an incident of pain for the past four hours or so.  I feel so relieved, I can finally relax a bit, sort of.  The "sort of" is because we are sharing a room with another 3 year old who just woke up after a quiet, sleepy afternoon on her part and she sounds like Ty did all day long -- whining and yelling :)  They are taking turns.

I always prefer to share a room with another 3 year old, because it makes me feel better about my little Ty-rant's behavior.  Whenever Ty shares with an older kid I feel so bad because I can only imagine how awful it must be to be super sick and trying to get some sleep next to my 3 year old who is up all night making demands.  At least when there are two of them together, as parents we can give each other that look that says... "I know." 

Ty's white blood cell counts are on the up and up.  They took him off his neutropenic diet today, and if he can last for 24 hours without a fever we can go home (although, that's not looking very promising just yet).  Tomorrow is bound to be better. 


  1. He's about to start feeling good again. Better tomorrow than today, and the same the next day!

  2. p.s. Ty-rant seems to be sleeping contently as if all of his demands were met.