Sunday, November 28, 2010


We are waiting for cytology on Ty's CSF, and we don't expect to be able to provide you with details until Wednesday.  The cytology is an examination of all the various cell types in his CSF in an effort to try and figure out his otherwise unexplained head pain.  In the meantime, we are patiently waiting for surgery tomorrow, and even more patiently waiting for discharge.  Ty continues to suffer from setbacks, the latest being an extreme bout of nausea and fevers, but as of this evening he was able to keep down his tylenol and now he is like a new little man.  He's happy as can be.  Here is a picture I took just minutes ago of Pop-Pop in bed with Ty.  Today he had him looking through toy catalogs and building upon his long list to Santa. 

Speaking of Santa and the holiday season, a great friend recently suggested that I post a message about what we expect from our friends and family during the holidays.  It's true, I imagine some of you aren't exactly sure what to do.  Should you send photos of your smiling children and holiday greetings filled with cheer while we are going through such difficult times?  Yes... absolutely.  Lou and I would very much like you to.  We love to hear from our friends, especially around the holidays, and it brings us joy to see how big your kids are getting, how cute your dogs are, how your family has grown, etc.  Please don't hesitate :) 

Tomorrow Ty will be having a new, sterile VP shunt placed.  If all goes well with his recovery and pain management, we expect to be discharged on Tuesday.  We can't wait to take Ty home.  He always does so much better when he is back in his element. 


  1. Cindy.. You are ROCK SOLID. Stay strong for your little boy. We continue to pray for Ty and your family.

  2. Cindy and Lou:

    Here we are in Puerto Rico, with Grandma, thinking and praying for you all.

    Remember that every day is an opportunity to get closer to our Lord, with the gift of love you give eachother. This path is special for all of us, we are with you. Every second, NEVER doubt that the hand of Jesus is holding you. So hope for a better tomorrow, and learn from yesterdays doings since they will make tomorrows hard times easier. You will look back and realize this time you made it better.


    ~ All human wisdom is summed up in two words - wait and hope. ~ Alexander Dumas

    ~ Hope is the companion of power, and mother of success; for who so hopes strongly has within him the gift of miracles. ~ Samuel Smiles

    We love you and pray for you every day!

  3. Our Prayers are with you little man........keep fighting and we will keep praying for your miracle!!!! We love you.... Kathy Brunelle <3 <3

  4. I hope Ty's list for Santa is huge b/c he deserves every present! I admire you and Lou for being such great parents. Stay positive. Love from the COtters


  6. Ty and family:
    I have a bald head just like you in your picture Ty! I am having chemo right now and every time I get it I am going to say an extra prayer for you and think all about you. I have to tell my two big labrador dogs about you so that they can think about you and put you into their prayers, too.
    I am organizing a fighting party for everyone with cancer. Some girls are going to be running in the NYC half-marathon in March. Your name will be on their running shorts. We don't know you, but we all love you, you precious little pumpkin!!!!!!!! Go, Fight Win!!!!

  7. awww..Pop Pop looks like lil man Gavin or I should say vise versa? :)

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