Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Neutropenic but still home with us

Ty's bloodcounts are low.  He is neutropenic which means he has no white blood cells and we have to be very, very careful with him.  Not so easy during cold and flu season when you have a little brother who is always full of boogies, but we are managing okay :)  We have to essentially treat him like a newborn because it is very dangerous if he gets sick. 

He hasn't needed a transfusion yet, which is great news and a huge surprise.  Last time he was already running fevers, having daily transfusions and suffering from headpain at this point in the cycle.  He's doing so much better this time around and we pray this trend continues. The doctors suspect he will require platelets and red blood cells on Friday, so we will be back at the hospital to do that in a couple of days.  All in all, Ty is doing awesome.  He has been such a sport about it, and he just loves being home.  THis is the longest stretch in which we have all been home since August 8th.  I even went into the office today!!  It was so great to put on work clothes and high heels.  It felt soooo normal.  Lou and I are cherishing every moment, however short-lived this normal time at home it may be. 

We are so blessed and lucky to have such an incredible support network.  Thank you for following us in this journey.  We look forward to sharing this with you until the day we can put this nightmare behind us.  And, when that day comes, we look forward to paying it forward for the rest of our lives.  This experience has changed us forever, in a very good way.  THANK YOU!

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