Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A long day at MSK!

Wow.  We checked into the pediatric day hospital at 7:30AM and we won't be leaving until 7:30PM.  Ty gets some very strong doses throughout the day (three different types of chemo) and then a lot of hydration and co-medication to treat the potential side effects of the chemo.  He has been a real trooper all day.  Some whines here and there that he wants to go home, but only when he's tired.  Otherwise he's eating like a champ in between small bouts of nausea, and he's generally happy.  I love that he is getting more comfortable with these processes and with the hospital staff. 

I couldn't get a very good picture of him, but here he is being a champ. Back tomorrow for another long day.  Hopefully we will finish up early on Thursday. 


  1. Tell Ty that CJ, Johnny, and Luke say hi and they included him (as they do every night) in their prayers.

  2. Fortunately, he's got a great head for that look. Please keep the updates coming. Go Ty!