Monday, November 8, 2010

How cute

Ty is still feeling pretty good.  He got his bloodwork done today and although his counts are getting low, he doesn't need any transfusions just yet and he is still feeling really good.  Today Ty asked me why people have been giving him presents, and I told him that it's because a lot of people know about his cancer, and they know it hurts sometimes, and they want him to feel better.  Later today, he asked me to tell everyone about the needle he got this morning when they did his bloodwork because it "weelly hurt".  I told him okay, that I would post it to his website so everyone could read about it.  Then he paused for a minute, and said... "Mommy, I want you to also tell everyone who got me presents 'thank you.'"  So... TANK YOU.  XOXO, love Ty.

Ty was just potty trained this summer right before we first checked into the hospital.  Now he is lazy and hooked on using a pee-pee can instead of going on the potty.  In an effort to break the habit, I bought him a new potty seat, which the goofball proceeded to put right on his head.  Always a funny guy.

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