Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy birthday to Lou!

We had a great weekend.  Yesterday was Lou's birthday, so Ty was very excited to pick out a card and a cake beforehand.  Card had superheroes all over it, the cake had strawberries on it.  He loved singing happy birthday so much, we did it again tonight at Grandma's with the half of cake that was leftover. 

Happy birthday to Lou, who has been my rock through all of this.  He was able to enjoy a fun night out in Long Beach with his best friends for his birthday.  I was so happy he was able to get out and celebrate after we had such a nice night out on my birthday just a month ago.  I was afraid he wouldn't be able to because what if something happened where I need to take Ty to the hospital, but Dawn offered to sleep over and we had a great night, too, just chatting away until the late hours. 

Ty is still feeling really, really good.  He is so smiley and he has fun throughout the day that it makes me forget there is anything wrong with him.  I can't tell you how amazing it is to feel normal at times throughout the day, even if just for a few minutes.  It's just round 2 so we still have a long road ahead -- Ty is scheduled for 7 cycles of chemotherapy with 6 weeks of radiation at the halfway point -- but we'll take the good with the bad.  And these past few days have been SOOOO good.  He is getting off the couch and walking across the room, he learned to play a few games that he loves (he is crazy good at Hungry Hungry Hippos), and he is cracking jokes left and right which is just so funny.  For example, we ate dinner at grandma's house tonight and she made carrots.  I jokingly said to Ty "I can't be-LIEVE Grandma thinks you're gonna eat CARROTS!!"  because he hates carrots.  He giggled... then hours later at home he called out to me laughing hysterically and he said... "Mommy!!  I can't believe Gamaw thought I was gunna eat CAWITS!" 

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  1. absolutely precious..

    ~Michelle, North Ga.