Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy b-EARTH-Day, Gavin!

Zero through 5 years old

The Big Boy is SIX

Today, Gavin is six.  It is almost impossible to believe.  I know every year and every milestone tends to result in the same feeling of "where did the time go?" but there's something about SIX that seems so surreal.   Even he thinks so!  For days upon days leading up to his birthday he would talk about turning six and just how big a number it was.  He was so excited for this day, that I think he actually woke up pretty disappointed.

"Mommy, what's it supposed to feel like when you turn six?"
"Gavin, it feels kind of the same as when you were five.  When you are growing up, the changes seem to happen gradually."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean you really don't feel much different on your birthday than you did the day before, but if you look back and think about one year ago you'll realize how much you've grown!"
"Oh.  I just thought I would feel bigger.  I thought I would be able to do stuff."

Maybe it's impossible to imagine Gavin is six because Ty isn't here. Because I don't even know what his big brother would look like at six years old.  It's such a complex balance between trying to celebrate Gavin without choking back tears over Ty every single time there is a milestone in his life. It's just that with each milestone, his brother's absence is that much heavier.  It is ALWAYS there, even when I have the biggest smiles.

Gavin was very excited when they started having Earth Day lessons in school.  He felt so special that his birthday is on the same day and he came home with so many questions for me. He thinks it's weird that I refer to our planet as a "her" and he had a hard time grasping the concept of how deep the ground goes and how high the sky goes, which also led to a lot of questions like:
"If God is everywhere, is he even underground?"
"Do you think there's a separate Heaven for dinosaurs?"
"Is the Earth alive?"

Gavin also proved that he takes after me when it comes to crafting.  He was very excited to show me some of the ways he learned to re-use every day household trash.  Like turning a water bottle into a scooper, or turning a jelly jar into a flower vase.

He refused to listen to me when I explained that I think the water bottle needs to be a gallon with a handle ("just watch me, I know how to do it." he insisted).  He also decided to make a flower vase out of something that was already a flower vase.  Not exactly the kind of "re-use" i had in mind.

The Jug Scoop

The Painted Mason Jar

 I can't wait to put these puppies to good use.  Especially the scoopers.  The possibilities are endless?

Thanks so much for your love and support over all these years.  I can't believe it's been almost five years since Ty's diagnosis.  Mind blown on many levels today.  I love that Gavin is getting big - I love being around him and all the adorable things he says and does - but it's so bittersweet when your youngest starts to tie his own shoes, take showers, help himself to a drink and a snack.  I ask him all the time, "Where did my baby go?" and then he climbs into my lap and says, "right here."  :)  I am lucky to have such love in my life.


  1. Happy Birthday Gavin! :) Always praying for all of you from Nebraska.

    The Stewart Family

  2. Happy Birthday Gavin!!πŸŒŽπŸŒΏπŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽ

  3. Happy Birthday, Gavin! Cant believe Ive checked in on you almost everyday for 5 years! You guys are quite addictive, lol!
    Cindy, thank you for all your wisdom and for always staying real! Love, Terri

  4. Happy birthday Gavin! Mother Earth thanks you for your creativity!�� Wishing you all hugs and lots of lady bugs��

  5. Hi Cindy & Lou,

    I LOVE this post. I miss you writing. . .but I know you're busy conquering the world of Childhood Cancer, and might I add, doing an amazing job!

    Happy Birthday Gavin! I love the water bottle, I am still smiling! And the vase, lol, ;) too cute!

    Lots of Love,

    Joy Marielle

  6. Happy birthday big boy. You grew in front of our eyes and you are no longer baby Gaga, but 6 yo "giant". Ty is so proud of how handsome funny and caring you are growing to be. Wishing you health and happiness, joy and laughter, success and love. You are the cutest funniest boy ever!

  7. Happy birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday Big Boy Gavin Happy Birthday to you

  8. Happy birthday Gavin!!I think about your family all of the time. I cried tonite when I saw a beautiful star. :) love always, Emily. Keep writing!

  9. Happy birthday little man, ������wishing you endless amounts of ladybugs and butterflies. God Bless your incredible life and always know that your beloved Big Brother SuperTy is always watching over you. ��

  10. Happy Belated Birthday to Gavin! So glad he is healthy, happy, and still climbing onto Mama's lap! : ) :) Cherish the sweet years, soon enough he will be a teenager........

  11. Happy birthday, Gavin. My older son is tuning 6 this July. It's so wonderful and where did the time go all at the same time. Hugs to you and your family. I found this blog right before Ty died. My younger son was born October 22 2012. I've followed your amazing stength and faith and cried and cheered. Thank you for sharing your life. It has definitely touched mine.

  12. Hey lady, Thinking about you on Mothers Day. I know its a hard day for you. I wish life didnt have to be so hard/sad for you. I only can think that Ty was here to help others. To obe of the best Mommys in the world!! Happy Mothers day Cindy :)--

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  14. Oh, how lovely post!! Your son is very sweet and seems like he is a fun loving guy. Isn’t that true? My son will turn 5 years old in the next week and he is so naughty that he keeps me on my toes until he sleeps. I am looking for the references for kid’s party space rentals in Brooklyn. I wonder if you can help me!