Sunday, August 5, 2012

Go Team GO!!!

186 miles on a bike in two days.  That's how Team SuperTy is spending the weekend, all because of him.  I can't even imagine.
You may recall that last year Lou's sister, Debi, trained alongside him to run the NYC marathon for Fred's Team - raising thousands of dollars for pediatric cancer research.  This year, she decided to push herself, yet again, but on a bicycle.  She is joined by two great friends of ours, Chris Larkin and John Dimase.  Lou and I (and our entire family) are just so thankful.  Go Team Go!  Here is a post from Debi's facebook yesterday.  She truly amazes me.  Be inspired:
So today is the big day! John Dimase, Chris Larkin and I will begin our Pan Mass Challenge in Wellesley, MA and bicycle 84 miles to Bourne! We will shower in trailers and sleep in a tent! I love an adventure and I'm just so excited! It's such an inspiration to be surrounded by so many people who want to make a difference and put an end to Cancer! I RIDE FOR TY, because I can! Today while I struggle & sweat he will be my inspiration! My Aunt Connie who fought the fight and lost the battle, will be with me today as I ride like the wind! Too many suffer! Frank Bartalomao is a friend who is presently battling this disgusting disease, he will be in my thoughts today, too!

Go Team Go - WE LOVE YOU!
PMC donates 100% of every dollar raised to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.  Money raised for Team SuperTy is tagged to specifically aid pediatric cancer research.  This year, the ride will raise $36 million, which is more money than any other athletic event in the country. That's incredible beyond words.  It gives me so much hope for new treatments that will save Ty and so many others like him.  Donations will be accepted through the months of August.  If you can support Team SuperTy, go to, click "donate" and search for Team  THANK YOU.

Swim Across America - Team Ty

A couple of weeks ago, another amazing group of people created a team to swim in the Long Island Sound on behalf of Ty.  Team Ty raised thousands of dollars for cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering, and I couldn't be happier that they asked to dedicate this year's swim to our family.  I am humbled and in awe of how many beautiful people fill this world.  Their actions move mountains.  I am so lucky to know so many loving, generous people, and to be touched by so much kindness from others I've never even met. 

Swim Across America is an inspiring event.  I found this video on YouTube and it brings me to tears.  Thank you, Team Ty, for loving my son and doing so much for the cause.  I hope to meet you all some day.  Maybe to swim alongside you in the future :)

Carnival Fun
The Pawling Fire Department hosted a carnival this week, and for those of you who have spoken to Ty in the past month or so, you know that going to a carnival (in fact, having one in his own house for his birthday) is what he dreams of.  So, this was a very big event for the Campbell Family.  Ty rode on the roller coaster (the baby one, of course), he caught a shark in the fishing game, he popped a balloon with a dart and he came oh soo close to beating his cousin in the water gun race.  We came home with piles of totally unnecessary stuffed animals and bellies full of sausage and peppers, funnel cake and cotton candy. 

Gavin driving his Hot Rod

My beautiful nieces spent the week with us, and they filled our house with so much laughter.  They went home to Long Island yesterday and I miss them already.  Before leaving, though, we gave them a nice, queasy stomach after riding this crazy, upside-down ride that I wouldn't step foot on. 

All-in-all, things have been great.  With the exception of some occasional head pain. which makes me so mad (argh - Ty should be free of headaches for the rest of his life!), Ty is otherwise doing well.  He is getting stronger and he is so proud of any new movement.  He even went in the pool with me and his cousin Kayla the other day, which was incredible.  It was great for his physical therapy and he was smiling the entire time (any other time he went in the pool he hated it and cried the entire time).  Hopefully he will be doing more of that before the summer is over.  I'm sick of seeing him sitting on that couch watching TV show after TV show.  It's so hard to find things for him to do! 

Speaking of which, today we are getting out of the house as a family.  Not sure where we're going, but we are going to get in the car and enjoy this beautiful day.  XOXO to all. 


  1. Debi is the best. Thank you Debi, Chris, John and thank you Team Ty!!!

    Hope you have a good family ride and no more headaches!!

  2. Way to go John, Deb and Chris!!!

  3. Team SuperTy is AWESOME! So glad to hear Ty and family had a great weekend!!!!

  4. It is so wonderful to hear that you guys had a nice weekend and that Ty got to have fun at the carnival. And I can only imagine how great it was to have your nieces around to help keep Ty & Gavin entertained and bring some light and love to you all. And the support you have of friends and family is best of all - so many people wishing and praying - may the power of all that love and support continue to help Ty in his fight! Team SuperTy all the way :)