Friday, July 6, 2012

Yay for Friday

Last year at this time, I was commuting into the city every morning for Ty’s second course of radiation therapy.  I experience déjà vu sometimes during my early morning drive to oxygen therapy because it reminds me of those trips, and I am surprised to admit that I am actually fond of the memories.  Although this routine is getting old and tired, it’s not all terrible.  These mornings with Ty are also very special.  We have some adorable conversations during our car ride and when he’s sleepy in the car I enjoy the alone time to get lost in my thoughts.   During his radiation treatment we used to pick up my coffee on the way in, and stop at a toy store or some place fun on the way home.  Today Lou is with us and we will be taking Ty to the mall for a treat after he finishes his therapy.  He doesn’t know yet – he will be very excited.

Today is Ty’s last day at Blythedale.  He received a very special package filled with “Ty” beanie babies the other day and he is going to share them with his classmates before saying goodbye.  He asked me three times this morning if I remembered to bring them.  I love that he is excited to give them out.  I love that he is thoughtful, generous and caring like that.  We will be sure to take some pictures and post them soon. 

Despite my confession that there are parts of this routine that I truly enjoy, I am also thrilled that the weekend is here.  And so is Ty.  The holiday in the middle of the week made this such a nice, easy week! 

My conversation with Ty when he woke up this morning:
“Mama?  I want morning snuggles.”
“Me too.”  <snuggles>
“What day is it?”
“What day do you think it is?”
“Umm.  I dunno?  TGIF?”
“TGIF, Yes.  What day is it then?  Starts with an ‘F’.   F-f-f-f??”
“Fwyyy day!!!”
Next week will be stressful, so Lou and I hope to enjoy the weekend as much as possible.  I hope the rain stays away so we can have some fun outside.  Ty’s bi-monthly MRI is scheduled for Wednesday.  He will also be getting his Avastin infusion and he will be seeing the MSKCC dentist to address his post-treatment tooth decay.  We are very nervous about that.  Have a great weekend.  XOXO.   

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  1. Cindy & Lou,

    I am so happy that things are going well and Ty seems to be in better spirits. Family time is so important!

    I hope you guys enjoy a relaxful weekend before a stressful week! Its definetely going to be a hot weekend!

    I found this on the news and thought I would share. This article reminds me of Super Ty beating up the cancer!

    Have a great weekend! Thinking of you guys always!

    Joy Marielle
    Baltimore, MD